The Musical Journey Of John Walsh

Music always inspired John. He believed that if we have music we can do anything with it.

John Walsh’s musical journey was not always smooth. Just like every other career path, it had its bumps and hurdles. Though what pulled an inspiring musician like John through this journey was his constant effort, enthusiasm, and need to serve the world good music.

Music always inspired John. He believed that if we have music we can do anything with it. Be it exercising, passing time, expressing emotions, learning something new, or simply dancing and singing, music can be right by our side to do it all. For John music was always like his buddy. Whether he was excited about getting a new bike or stressed about his maths exam, he could share it all with music.

On sad days he would just need the comfort of slow music as he would wrap his legs and lie down on the bed. Whereas on happy days he would dance till he got his emotions under control. John believed that just like him, others too can make the most out of music. Thus, he decided to give the world the peace music brought him.

Despite having the talent, John struggled during his initial years to find his personal style. He would work tirelessly for weeks before coming up with the perfect composition. He finally ended up excelling at electronic music. He never got sick of working consecutively and instead enjoyed his work even if it meant that he had to go for days without stepping out of his room.

John was so indulged in his passion for music that he used to forget the existence of anything else. While he worked hard to make the perfect music, he took inspiration from hundreds of artists irrespective of their popularity. As he studied multiple compositions John also made sure to keep his own work unique since he believed that good music is what comes out of the heart of an individual. Thus, what will be better than making something that is entirely yours?

With these intentions and efforts, John turned his struggles into an inspiring career in music as a DJ and music composer. As he is working on composing more music soon, he also sets a great example for all the struggling musicians. His journey proves that if you have the will and skill to achieve something, then no power can stop you. 

You can find his music on his Spotify.

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