The NYC Subway Shooter Got Away And Snitched On Himself!

The NYC Subway shooter is now the name of the 60-something year old man that shot a bunch of people and turned himself in.

It’s a cold, cold world out here, people! And it’s only getting colder! The man that is accused of shooting about 13 people in New York City is now in police custody. He was captured by police, according to headlines.

But what the headlines don’t reveal is that the man actually snitched on himself and gave his location to the NYPD. Yeah! It looks like this guy really wanted to go to jail and was unable to find a place for himself in normal society. He wanted to get those three square meals, that roof over his head in the need the responsibility of real life out here.

It’s sort of makes sense when you think about it. First of all, he had this incredible smirk on his face as he was apprehended. The other thing is, nobody was killed. He shot a lot of people but he didn’t murder anybody. Quite frankly, Frank James, 62, wanted a safe haven.

Make no mistake about it! He’s a sick puppy in my opinion! And yes, I know he has a history of mental illness. Yeah, won’t don’t these days. I hope to find more information on him just to sort of understand what he was thinking, but for now he’s just a dude that went on a shooting spree and then decided to be famous for a bit of time.

According to CNN, this is what happened and how he was captured.

James called in the tip and told authorities he was at a McDonald’s on the lower east side of Manhattan, the sources confirmed.

The tip indicated the suspect was at a McDonald’s restaurant on 6th Street and 1st Avenue, a police official said at a news conference earlier Wednesday. Officers did not find him there, but spotted him just around the corner, according to the official.

I cannot really post any picture or anything but there’s video.

I love how he makes it seem like their fine work captured dude. LOL!


Ya’ll feel safe out there now?

If you do, I have a really killer bridge to sell you in South New York.

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