The Simple “No Bull” Tutorial with Eyeshadow

Oh the iconic Eyeliner Wing… you can be too much, too little or absolutely perfection! Nevertheless, creating this classic makeup finish can be a bit of an art, if not science. Therefore, today we are going to show you the easiest, no frills tutorial we have ever laid our eyeliner loving eyeballs on!

Eyeliner Wing: The Simple “No Bull” Tutorial with Eyeshadow

Why is this particular makeup styling such The Queen of the Beauty Realm? Well, for thing it’s transformative. Like you literally will not look like the same person. In a few flicks of a brush you can go from (to quote Drake); 0-100 real quick!

The Eyeliner Wing is game changer that takes your beauty from the every day causal, to vixen with the 6 inch stilettos. Seriously, winged eyeliner is a powerful magic. This look can cause your gorgeous eyes to look and:

  • achieve more symmetry
  • help eyes seem alluringly larger
  • make down-turned eyes appear more perky
  • elongate eyes that are close together
  • enhance or intensify eye color
  • give eyes more Beyoncé level sassy appeal

Steps for Winged Eyeliner

Okay ladies and doll faces, are you ready to master this eye makeup look once and for all? Alright, let’s do this! First, you’re going to need to assemble a few tools:

  • Angled eyeliner brush
  • Clean mirror
  • Eyeshadow palette color

Now here is what you do:

  • Dip your angled eyeliner brush into your eyeshadow palette color of choice
  • Draw a diagonally line out from the outer corner of your top eyelid
  • Draw another line from your bottom lid’s outer corner; up to meet the end of the first line drawn
  • Once the two lines are connected; now fill in the “triangle” with eyeshadow color
  • Use concealer to clean up the wing, hide mistakes and make everything look ‘precisely sharp’
  • Layer on mascara to eyelashes for a even more dramatic effect and finish

See just a few steps! Nevertheless, see how easy creating an eyeliner wing is with this quick tutorial. It’s by Tashi, who is a model for top agencies like Storm Models as well as Ford NY.  She shows how you can make yourself up a winged look in just 2 minutes!


Not bad right?! And as Tashi so nicely demonstrates; is that doing an awesome makeup look doesn’t have to take a lot of time. You can get done and finished in just minutes! So then, yes, getting the perfect winged eyeliner look doesn’t have to be stressful. If you follow the above steps and tutorial you’ll be a PRO in no time!

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