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The Terrible Truth About Tape-In Extensions

tape in extensions

So you want a new look and the first place you go to is social media to see what’s the newest hairstyle you should try. After scrolling up and down the timeline, searching for hashtags, and watching youtube videos, you finally come across the new internet sensation which is tape-in extensions. With the versatility and the overall look of the hairstyle, you instantly fall in love. Immediately you’re looking for a stylist and booking your appointment so you can come out looking like a brand new chick! In the beginning, you’re enjoying the style and think that you can see yourself making room in your budget to keep up with the maintenance but as time goes on, you realize that this style may not be for you and it’s actually not as versatile or easy to manage at all. 

Unfortunately, you had to go through the whole process to find out the terrible truth about this popular phenomenon that all the girls are getting. After a bunch of money spent, you realize that tape-in extensions may not be for you.

Tape-Ins Are In

How do tapes work? Well, tape-ins are when one to one and a half inches of your hair (in sections) are “pre-taped” to extensions with medical glue.

The extension with medical-grade glue is placed on the root of your hair as close to the scalp as it can be without it being placed directly on the scalp.

This allows for the extensions to move freely and give that versatile look. These lightweight extensions are definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a more natural look, without pain, heaviness and being subjected to only a few styles.

But Are They For You?

This trendy style is great for those looking for something different and easy but is this trend for you?

First, these extensions have to be done by a professional. Yes, you may see the girlies online and on youtube giving you all the steps you need to apply the extensions yourself with their DIY tips and tricks but that may not be the safest option. One reason is because you may not apply the extensions correctly and that could result in pain on your head or loss of hair. Both of which are not supposed to happen.

Another question you have to ask yourself is whether you can afford the installation and the maintenance. This is a pricey expense to pay depending on the stylist you go to and the type of extensions you buy (yes you have to purchase your own extensions most of the time). So ask yourself, is this expense worth it every month?

Another reason why you need to ask yourself ‘is this style for me?’ is because this trend may not go with your hair texture. If you have 4C hair, you have to make sure you purchase the extensions that will match best with your hair texture. You also have to make sure that your stylist knows how to apply these extensions on your hair type without damage. Everyone is different so your results may not look like the ones posted on your explore page. 

How They Could Be Damaging Your Hair

The sad truth about tape-ins is that over time they can cause hair loss. Though any hairstyle can, the extra weight on the hair follicles can lead to hair loss if your extensions are left in for too long or worn too often. This can cause hair thinning over time, especially around your hairline (edges) and of course where the extensions are placed. This style also requires a lot of heat, which leads to heat damage. 

Other Great Hairstyles To Try Instead

So you want the look without the hassle, right? Well, there are many other ways to get that lightweight and versatile feel from hair extensions without the damage, price, or even emotional toll it can take on you (the installation not being what you expected).

One style is definitely a versatile sew-in. This style usually leaves more hair out around your perimeter and gives you room to style your extensions in multiple ways.

Another great hairstyle to try is clips ins. Seeing that they have to be put in and removed every day, you still get the look just with less damage and it’s a lot cheaper. The only downside to clips ins is that they may take more time to install, but you can do them yourself and they should take no longer than 15 min max to clip in. 

Even if you still want to try tape-ins just to see what it’s like, do your research first, gain as much knowledge as you can and do what works best for you. However, you decide to style your hair, make sure that it’s what you want and that it makes you feel as good as you look!

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