The Unique Musical Journey Of Eric Poston aka Ducati James

Eric Poston also known as the rapper and artist Ducati James has had quite the interesting and unique life journey as anybody to say the least. Eric Poston went to multiple secondary schools for countless years to study law and eventually obtained his Bar License and completed his Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia in 2015. Ever since he has been a practicing Lawyer out in South Carolina but that changed recently.

On the side during his time as a Lawyer, Poston began dabbling in the world of music and started releasing under the stage name Ducati James. Ducati James and his brother Lane Storm Poston aka Fleetwood have since dropped several successful songs and music videos to go along with them. Their hit song and music video “Jenna Jameson” has over 6.3 Million views on YouTube and counting. Not to mention, the duo also developed and launched their own music label, Chakhead Clique Mu$ic Group.

Mainly because of that sexually explicit “Jenna Jameson” music video and among other things, Poston was disbarred and lost his license to practice law entirely. But that may very well have been a blessing in disguise that allows Ducati James to flourish in all aspects as he has much more time to focus on his artist career and label. Ducati James also about a month or so ago released a parody “diss” music video against a fellow South Carolina rapper named Blacc Zacc and that, along with all of his other music videos can be found on Chakhead Clique Mu$ic Group’s YouTube page. 

Follow Ducati James on Instagram: @ak47drip

Check out Ducati James’ music library on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLYbw7W-sQwsulIpZUrJG7g

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