These Black Women Are Claiming Their Space In The Cannabis Industry Through Cannaclusive

Couch’s introduction to the cannabis industry was not traditional and her involvement isn’t either. Her agency, Fayetteville Road, is a data-driven retail technology firm that focuses on the consumption of cannabis for women of color.

“Wherever women of color are spending their money, or are the top consumers in an industry, we’re conducting a lot of research,” she explained.

Her company’s roots are in the fashion and beauty space, but as they saw that cannabis was growing as a viable retail vertical, Fayetteville Road decided to shift gears.

“As a woman, I use cannabis in a very specific way. So with legalization, my partner and I had a couple of thoughts on how women often want to use cannabis differently from men — our habits are different, our tolerance is different,” she said. “So, once it became legalized my question was, ‘how are people going to really cater to us.’”

She further explained how Black women specifically set the tone for what’s hot and what’s not. This led Couch to also explore the ways the war on drugs has negatively affected women who look like her. She then decided to use her platform to not only cater to women who use cannabis, but to hold those in positions of power accountable when it comes to unfair treatment for those using cannabis products.

Click here to learn more about Fayetteville Road and here for more on Cannaclusive.

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