These Founders Developed A Mental Health Platform To Empower People Of Color In The Workplace

Users can also look forward to community building within the Shine application. This space allows users to share their feedback on the theme for the day, talk about their experiences, and share affirmations for encouragement. The founders believe community building is vital as half of their users do not seek mental health support within the workplace. A survey conducted by Shine showed half of their users do not feel comfortable asking their employer for a mental health day, and the root of the issue stemmed from people not seeing this modeled by leadership.

“They don’t see their bosses, their managers, and their CEOs saying ‘Hey, I’m having a tough time.’ ‘Hey, I need the mental health day.’ ‘Hey, this happened for me and I’m struggling,’” Lidey said. “We pulled the veil back behind these people that we think are perfect, but they are not perfect and we let our users be vulnerable, share their stories, connect with others and, create that sense of safety for folks who might not have it in their workplace and can feel that they can learn from that and feel empowered to stand up for themselves in the workplace.”

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