TikToker Says She Changed Her Race And Name On Her Resume And Landed Job Interviews After Receiving No Callbacks For Over 6 Months

Under the built-up frustration, Dee Realz took some advice of changing both her name and race on her resume and applications. The switch resulted in the callbacks that she had previously lacked for half a year.

“I changed my first name to be my middle name so it sounds a little less ‘ethnic.’ And then I was watching this Ted Talk of this girl who was saying, ‘Hey, change your race to white.’ And I was like, ‘What?’ Changed my race to white and I have four interviews next week. Same resume. Same qualifications. Same everything. Same middle name that I’ve had put on there for the past two months. Different first names, but for the past two months, it’s been my middle name. Boy, they gonna be mad when my Black a-s shows up for that job.”

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