TikTok’s Shavone Charles Releases Her Debut Book To Encourage POC To Break Barriers In Tech

“With my community organizations Future Of Creatives and Magic In Her Melanin, I’m continuing to mobilize and cultivate creative spaces with a community-forward mission, as a multi-hyphenate,” Charles said. “It is critical now, more than ever, that Black creatives and BIPOC voices continue to cultivate safe and transformative spaces for ourselves and future generations. This is the only way we can collectively solve and tackle important issues affecting our communities and industries.”

She continued: “In ‘Black Internet Effect,’ there’s a section I wrote, where I talk about the importance of engineering our organizations, boardrooms, classrooms, community groups and so forth with inclusion and forward-thinking representation in mind. To sustain momentum and positive-leaning change, there’s an ongoing need for work that supports actively bridging these gaps and advocating for our needs and representation.”

In light of the current state of the tech industry, Charles’ book serves as an inspiration amid the battle people of color face as they break barriers and fill up the space.

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