Timbaland Details How He And Swizz Beatz’s Verzuz Pushed For Triller To Provide 43 Artists With Equity

“Me and Swizz wanted to be the first to call in these artists to get on an [Instagram] live to perform. It’s only right — y’all helped us build this company — we gotta give back to y’all,” Timbaland said. “And nobody’s ever done that when it comes to Black business and really teaching our culture.”

He continued: “We made a call and we said, ‘Something about this don’t feel right.’ And that was the biggest thing that made us stick with Triller because we said, ‘Yo, the only way we’re going to do this is if we can bring our people with us. And they get part of the pie because anybody else gonna be like, ‘Nah,’ But me and Swizz got on the phone before we got to that point — before we went to Apple and all of those [platforms] — we called 43 artists. And if you know what dealing with an artist…it’s a lot of work.”

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