Tips for How to Save Money- 5 EASY Ways!

Need Tips for How to Save Money? You may have heard or read somewhere before that the average American can not handle an unexpected $400 emergency. Meaning that if, for instance, your car needed $400 worth of repairs you would not have the cash on hand or in a bank account to pay for the repairs. You may be able to charge the repairs to your credit card, but now that puts you further into debt. And considering how high the interest rate can be on a credit card being able to pay for unexpected expenses would be preferable.


Therefore, it is imperative to make saving a regular part of your life. Doing so will allow you to handle emergencies that come up, put money away for the future, or even pay for that dream trip you always wanted to take. Whether you set aside a certain amount each week or month, or you cut down on recurring expenses, saving money is a necessity.


We are well aware that spending is more fun than saving but if you follow the four tips below you will be so happy that you did.

Tips for How to Save Money- 5 EASY Tips on How to be Frugal


Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions – Are you signed up with Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, etc.? Are you watching all of these streaming services? Try choosing just one service and getting rid of the rest.

All those monthly subscription fees can add up fast even if they are under $10 a month. That goes for other subscription services as well that may not be needed. Review your credit card or bank statements to determine how many subscriptions you have and decide which ones can be canceled.


Prepare a Grocery List – Prepare a list of items that you need before going grocery shopping and then stick to the list. It is also helpful to plan the meals you want to make for the week so you can include any items needed for the meals on the grocery list.

Buying exactly what you need cuts down on the grocery total. You will also avoid buying items that you don’t need or that you end up not using and throwing away. Sticking to the list will also help you to avoid impulse buying.

Steps to Save Money -How to Save Money for the Future


Tips for How to Save Money

Lower Your Recurring Payments – Utility bills, car payments, cell phones and other payments are generally paid every month and some of them will never go away. However, sometimes you can lower your monthly payments by shopping around.


If you have car insurance you can check the prices of competitors. Ask your insurance provider to meet or beat the competitors price. They may be willing to lower your payment in order to keep you as a customer. The same could be true for your cell phone provider. You’ll never know unless you ask.

Ways to Save Money Monthly- The Simple PLAN on How to Save Money Every Month



Set A Savings Goal (or two) – There’s no point in saying you want to save money if you don’t set a specific goal. Even if you can only afford to save $10 a week then make that your goal. At the end of the year you will have saved $520 which would be enough to cover that $400 emergency that was mentioned at the outset.


However, if you can save more then do so. You can never have too much money saved. You can also set a goal to pay off a credit card or some other expense. If you make a solid plan to save then you are more likely to have success. Remember, if you fail to plan, plan to fail.


Saving doesn’t have to be painful or terrifying. It’s for your own good so you might as well get started. The sooner you do the more peace of mind you’ll have.

How to Save a Lot of Money Fast




Habit Jar- Got a habit you want to break or change? For instance, some people want to stop missing workouts, quit smoking or drinking; or stop cursing as much. Well, every time you smoke, drink, fail to workout or let a “F” word fly (lol)… you put a dollar in your savings account or piggy bank. Not only will this help you be accountable and work towards kicking the habit, but you will also be able to save some moo-lah aka extra money for a rainy day while you transform. Happy saving everybody!


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