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Try These Tips for a Successful Prostate Cancer Diet


prostate cancer diet

Diet is one of the most important things to manage when living with prostate cancer.

Why, you ask? Well, many studies have shown a link between a Western diet high in red meat consumption and a greater risk of prostate cancer when compared to plant-based diets.

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Also, the American Cancer Society recommends that cancer patients watch their diets because cancer treatments can destroy healthy cells. So, the body needs extra nutrition from your diet to repair the body to continue fighting off the disease.

Here are some suggestions when it comes to managing your diet with prostate cancer:

Traditional Japanese or Mediterranean diets:

These diets are known for being low in red meat consumption. Instead of red meats, these meals are replaced with fish. Additional components of these two diets include fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.

A traditional Japanese diet includes vegetables and soybeans as side dishes, rice as the staple and fish. According to an NBC News report, because of this diet, Japanese people tend to live longer and healthier lives than anyone else on this planet.

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Elements of a traditional Mediterranean diet from countries like Greece, Portugal and Israel include grains, vegetables and fruits at most meals. These dishes use nuts, legumes, healthy grains and fish, as well.

Butter is usually replaced with olive oil, and salt is replaced with

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