TWITCH Apologizes for New Brand Guidelines- Like an Ex…They All Come Back!

Well, that was fast! Talk of new brand guidelines come to the fore, streamers start breaking up with Twitch and then the platform realizes their humongous mistake. And just like that… already Twitch apologizes for new brand guidelines. Power to the streamers!

If you missed any of the tech drama from earlier; just read our write up on what Twitch tried to pull HERE. After reading that you will be all caught up. Then, you can come back here for the newest “tea.”

Is this move by Twitch surprising? A little. A lot of platforms when users are so upset do not respond positively. If anything they double down on their horrendous decisions.

For instance, think of IG. They took away chronological order for some time, jacked with the algo so no one could gain any real traction; stole Snapchat Stories, Vine and TikTok’s video formulas, moving away from photography. The result? People leaving the platform in hordes.

Has Zuck and company changed? Nope. Still ignoring what the people want and are losing money over even more failed experiments like the poorly cartoonish Metaverse. Shame.

Nevertheless, Twitch is making a rare SMART business decision. They are seeing the backlash, a future loss of profits and are listening. However, not only listening, but acting. A positive sign.

TWITCH Apologizes for New Brand Guidelines- Like an Ex…They All Come Back!

So what all did TWITCH say during their apology? In a series of tweets anyone can view on Twitter; here’s their official response and statement:

“Today’s branded content policy update was overly broad. This created confusion and frustration, and we apologize for that. We do not intend to limit streamers’ ability to enter into direct relationships with sponsors; and we understand that this is an important part of how streamers earn revenue.

We wanted to clarify our existing ads policy that was intended to prohibit third party ad networks from selling burned in video and display ads on Twitch. Which is consistent with other services.

We missed the mark with the policy language and will rewrite the guidelines to be clearer. Thank you for sharing your concerns, and we appreciate the feedback. We’ll notify the community once we have updated the language.”

Translation: Hi all, we pulled a Coca Cola with new Coke and realized classic Coke is way better! These online platform brands just do not learn. People are not stupid and want to make a living just like the CEO and company board members.

Streamers are the reason millions even support Twitch. They create the content, and they deserve as many avenues as possible to receive compensation for their hard work. That’s just facts.

Therefore, will the new guidelines language be more in favor of streamers? We hope so! Nevertheless, if Twitch screws up again they already know creators are prepared to walk and go elsewhere. Man… what a time to be alive!

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