U.S. Government, FBI Use TikTok To Link Influencer To Armed Robberies

One TikTok influencer’s rise to fame was halted abruptly after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) used his videos to link him to a string of armed robberies.

According to authorities, Chozen Terrell-Hannah, 22, was arrested after they linked his sneakers and his signature pink and purple hair to the suspect in four robberies by examining TikTok videos.

Terrell-Hannah of Redford Township is accused of holding up a 7-Eleven twice as well as a gas station and smoke shop in Detroit, Michigan, The Detroit News reported.

Under the username “ChozenWrld,” Terrell-Hannah amassed more than 151,000 followers and 1.6-million-plus likes by sharing videos of himself dancing and acting out scenarios.

During the robberies, the suspect wore a black hoodie, black pants, a black ski mask and white shoes while carrying a black book bag with pink flowers on it, according to the criminal complaint.

The white Nikes with red accents shown in Terrell-Hannah’s videos matched those worn by the suspect in the robberies that were committed from December 2021 to February 2022, investigators determined.

“These shoes are similar in appearance to the shoes worn in the above referenced armed robberies,” the FBI task force officer assigned to the case wrote.

Authorities also said a witness saw Terrell-Hannah’s pink hair peeking out from under a mask he wore while committing the crimes and they were alerted to his account by an anonymous tip.

Though some witnesses described the suspect as a white man, the FBI believes Terrell-Hannah fits the profile due to his “light-complexion.”

“Based on my training and experience, I believe due to (Terrell-Hannah’s) light complexion, the victims of armed robberies, observing him under the circumstances and wearing the clothing described above, could describe him as either white or black,” the FBI task force officer wrote.

The FBI began surveilling Terrell-Hannah’s home on Feb. 9 and raided his home on Wednesday, Feb. 23 after gathering evidence – including cellphone data –  that gave enough cause for a search warrant, which led to the discovery of incriminating items.

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“A search of the residence led to the seizure of items believed to be used in the armed robberies including a black Glock handgun, a black backpack with a floral pattern, a skeleton full bodysuit, and white Nike tennis shoes,” the FBI task force officer wrote.

The TikTok influencer admitted to the crimes, according to the FBI.

“(He) admitted to committing all four of the above-described armed robberies and acknowledged using the black backpack with a floral pattern in all four of the armed robberies,” the officer wrote. “(Terrell-Hannah) explained that skeleton gloves observed during the armed robberies were actually part of a full-body skeleton suit.”

Terrell-Hannah is facing federal charges of affecting interstate commerce and possessing a firearm during a violent crime. He faces more than 20 years in prison.

Photo: Oakland County Jail / chozenwrld/TikTok

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