Visible Youth -A Breakthrough in Skincare Science!

Searching for the ‘fountain of youth?’ Want to fend off aging for as long as possible? Well, honey it simply comes down to science! And one skincare brand; Visible Youth, is aiming to change the beauty game forever!

Visible Youth™ is a revolutionary new skincare system. Discovered in medical research for skin cancer treatments, it is a remarkable serendipity of science. How so?

Well, it utilizes a pure molecule of medical grade Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Thus, delivering powerful skin regenerating biomaterial with technical precision into the deeper dermis. This complete formula of purity; power and also precision behind Visible Youth is patented as Hyoglass™.

Furthermore, the scientific discovery behind Visible Youth was made by Dr. Asculai in the US based Skin Tech Laboratory. Dr. Asculai had already developed one of the world’s bestselling medicines for pre-cancerous skin lesions. Moreover, while analyzing medical results; Dr. Asculai also discovered that his patients’ skin was also smoother, radiant and visibly more youthful. Eureka!

Visible Youth’s Power of Three

  • Purity Highest Medical Grade HA available
  • Power Patented skin regenerating biomaterial formula; 100% natural to the body’s makeup
  • Precision The formula is also captured in the optimal weight HA molecule; and delivered precisely where lines are formed in the deeper areas of the skin. This is called the ‘Golden Calculation™’.

Visible Youth -A Breakthrough in Skincare Science!

Sound good so far? We think so too! Therefore, let’s now go a little further into Visible Youth’s product formulations. Since that is where the real magic happens. While some skincare products just stay on the surface, VY skincare aims to go deeper, where wrinkling literally begins developing.

The Golden Calculation™
Getting the HA molecule to where lines are actually formed is a scientific breakthrough in itself. After decades of research Dr Asculai discovered the optimal weight (measured in kilodaltons), for precision delivery of the HA molecule; not too shallow, not too deep. This has become known as the ‘Golden Calculation™’.

There’s HA and there’s Visible Youth HA
As the serendipity of science in a medical lab, Visible Youth only uses medical grade Hyaluronic Acid. These are the most precious, purest and most powerful molecules of HA.

The Regenerating Biomaterial
This is the first cosmetic use of the unique skin and bone regenerating biomaterial. It is 100% natural to the body’s make up. It is an anti-oxidant, has moisturising and anti-inflammatory attributes and is medically proven to enhance the appearance of the skin.

Skin Care Science -Products You Must-Have!


Visible Youth



The Visible Youth system launches with three products

  • Multi-Peptide Super Serum; Combines patented Hyoglass™ technology with Glycopeptides, extract of Maca, bio-compatible Peptides and Oat Lipids. This potent and rapidly absorbed Multi-Peptide Super Serum delivers exceptional results.
  • Moisture Shield; Combines patented Hyoglass™ technology with detoxifying plant extracts of Dandelion and polyphenol-rich White Willow, an innovative anti-stress ingredient. Moisture Shield provides a visibly youthful, refreshed complexion.
  • Multi-Action Eye Serum; Combines patented Hyoglass™ technology with oligopeptides, Alfalfa Seed and Lupin Seed Extract. Multi-Action Eye Serum is a lightweight, easily absorbed multi-tasker.
  • Two further products; Replenishing Cleanser and Intensive Night Recovery are scheduled for launch in the Spring 2023 and a moisturising cream with Rosacea treatment will follow.

Beauty Science at Its Finest-Final Things to Know

So then, what is this skincare company’s ultimate goal? It is simple. The brand’s genius reveals:

“The name Visible Youth tells you all you need to know about our skincare goal, a radiant, healthy complexion which defies the passage of time. Achieving this through advanced medical science is at the heart of everything we do.”— Dr. Asculai Chief Scientist Visible Youth.

Therefore, ready to get your hands on some VY products? No problem! Head online to Prices range from $73-$96.

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