Wallo267 Shares How He Went From 20 Years In Prison To Signing A Deal Worth ‘Tens Of Millions Of Dollars’

“I always tell these dudes it costs too much to be a criminal,” Wallo267 said. “Out of a lot of people, I was one of the people to be able to flip that time. That five minutes that it took me to get all that time, later on in life, we in Philadelphia like probably 20 blocks from here — it’s a restaurant called Devon’s. I went into Devon’s … and it took me less than five minutes to close a multi-million dollar deal.”

“And that was in 2019, six months after we started the podcast,” he continued. “Now, we walked in the [Barstool] office about a couple of months ago and took four minutes to close another deal.”

Wallo267 didn’t give the exact number but noted that it was in the “tens of millions of dollars.”

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