Was Rapper LottaCash Desto Killed Out Of Revenge For Young Dolph? Streets Are Talking

Hip-Hop murders are rarely a priority for law enforcement. As the one-year anniversary of Young Dolph’s tragic death approaches, the streets of Memphis are talking!

The home of the blues has no time to wait on the news. Coupled with the detective work of the internet, fans may have established a connection between Dolph’s slaying and the death of another popular Memphis rapper.

25-year-old Destinee Govan was shot and killed during a drive-by shooting at 5500 Richmond Ave in Houston on September 24th.

Better known as LottaCash Desto, the Memphis native was a protege of Lil Uzi Vert. More importantly, she is the daughter of Hernandez Govan. Her father is the third suspect and alleged mastermind behind Dolph’s death.

According to the streets, a greenlight was issued for her life in relation. Could it be true?

Dolph spread his influence throughout the south. This extends to artists like Brick Wolfpack, an H-Town native signed to Dolph’s Paper Route Entertainment label.

On the other hand, the streets also believe the already incarcerated Justin Johnson could be the potential informant of the group who is telling, which may explain Govan’s recent arrest, especially given his recent request for a safety transfer.

Stay tuned as this case continues to develop…


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