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What Happens to the Brain As You Age?

what happens to the brain as you age

Do you have any concerns about how your brain will age? What are the signs of cognitive decline and, more importantly, can it be stalled or reversed? Too often we focus on the body and the conditions that can arise as we age. But, what about our brain? How does it age? Can we stop serious conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia? Are there other conditions that we need to be worried about? If so, what are they and what can we do to protect our brain?

In partnership with Genentech and Cedars-Sinai Hospital, presented the first broadcast in a series of six dedicated to helping you keep your brain healthy as you age. In part one of the series, Dr. Zaldy Tan breaks down the brain and its function. He also describes those activities and conditions that impact the health of the brain, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and smoking. Finally, the broadcast provides tips on how to protect your brain’s health and memory as you age.

To learn more, watch this video:

Healthy Aging

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