Why LeBron James Filing For Trademarks Could Mean Big Business In The Metaverse

Per the application filed by James, the new trademarks include the following names: LeBron James, LeBron, King James, and Chosen1. He has plans to use them to sell branded merchandise in the metaverse that consists of “footwear, clothing, swimwear, headwear, bags, backpacks, sports equipment, sporting goods, toys, home furnishings, posters, trading cards, headphones, phones. Video games, watches, jewelry, accessories, and home decor.”

As previously reported by AfroTech, anything with the name LeBron James’ name on it is sure to be the cause for conversation and plays big into his estimated net worth of about $850 million. All of these accomplishments come at the age of 37, well before he hits the “over the hill”  status that comes with age 40.


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