YouTube Comes For TikTok’s Neck With Ad Revenue-Sharing Model For Short Form Video Content And Partner Program Expansion

The great news for Shorts creators continues.

The press release discloses that the platform will “be moving away from a fixed fund and doubling down on a unique revenue sharing model for Shorts for both current and future YPP creators.” The creators are set to keep 45 percent of the revenue from the ads, which will also cover the costs of music licensing.

“YouTube’s first-of-its-kind, industry-leading Partner Program changed the game for long-form video,” said Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, in a statement. “And now we’re changing the game again, this time by opening it up to Short-form creators and introducing revenue sharing to Shorts. This is the first time revenue sharing is being offered for short-form video on any platform at scale, adding to the 10 ways creators can already earn revenue on YouTube. It’ll be available to all of those in YPP — including the new, mobile-first creators, who will be joining the program for the first time.”

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