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4 Life-Saving Resources for Black Diabetics

resources for diabetics

You know you’ve got a concern and you’re doing your best. 

Sometimes, everything feels good and under control. But sometimes, it’s far from it. You might let things slip. You might forget to check your blood sugar, splurge on some ‘naughty’ food, or not get your regular check-ups when you’re supposed to. 

Whatever it is, living with diabetes can be a challenging journey. Black folks especially know this better than most. According to the American Diabetes Association, roughly 13 percent of non-Hispanic Blacks 20 years and older are diagnosed with diabetes. Of those diagnoses, over 90 percent are Type 2. Black folks are also more likely to experience severe complications, including everything from limb amputations to kidney disease and vision loss. 

Fortunately, there are life-saving resources that can help. Worried about your diabetes? Simply want to learn more? Let’s explore four fantastic resources that can make a real difference.

1. African American Diabetes Association (AADA)

The AADA is a beacon of support for the Black diabetic community. It is chock full of culturally sensitive education, as well as all kinds of resources and advocacy networks to help Black diabetics. Looking for tailored educational materials? Hoping to connect with support groups or community events in your area? The AADA provides comprehensive solutions for managing and treating diabetes. It’s easy to get empowered and on your way to healthier living with the AADA.

The best part is, they understand you. Deeply involved in the Black community, the AADA understands how you feel about healthcare. They understand how your issues with health and wellness differ from others – what Black patients just like you want and need when visiting a doctor. 

Check out their resources and see for yourself!

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2. DiabetesSisters for In-Person PODS Meetups

This national non-profit organization is dedicated to supporting women struggling with diabetes. One of its most invaluable resources is the PODS Meetup program. This innovative offering allows women nationwide to participate in an array of support groups, educational seminars, and lifestyle coaching sessions. From expert webinar series to workshops on kidney health, it’s all there! Looking to exchange tips for managing diabetes or find solidarity with your fellow sisters? DiabetesSisters definitely has you covered. 

(3) The Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES)

Are you, yourself, involved in the healthcare field? 

With the ADCES, you can nourish both your mind and body. This professional membership organization is fully dedicated to advancing the role of diabetes educators throughout the nation. You’ll discover everything you need to know, from learning the core tenets of

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