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5 Digestive Disorders To Look Out For in Black Children

digestives disorders

You know what it’s like. 

The kids come home from school and they’re under the weather. Runny nose, cough, fever, feeling yucky, and spreading all those lovely germs your way. 

But what if your child’s upset tummy and nausea are something more? More common in Black kids, issues like stomach inflammation, indigestion, and ulcers are never fun. But what if they’re not just temporary conditions? What if these symptoms are the sign of actual chronic digestive disorders?

Although digestive disorders like Crohn’s Disease were once thought to affect white people exclusively, research now shows that they are quite prevalent among the Black community. 

If your child is experiencing recurrent gastrointestinal issues, here are five conditions to look out for.

1. Aerophagia

The medical term for excessive air swallowing, aerophagia literally means ‘air eating.’ If your child is complaining of tummy aches and pains, check to see if their belly is bloated. Does their stomach look puffy or feel hard? Does it make gurgling sounds? Are they burping or passing gas frequently?

It could be aerophagia. Sometimes, when kids get nervous they gulp air unnecessarily. Chewing gum, drinking soda or carbonated beverages, and even sucking on some candies can lead to too much air.

While medications can work, the best course of action is to reduce stress, cut back on carbonated drinks, and learn how to breathe deeply and properly. In some cases, speech therapy can help significantly.

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2. Abdominal Migraine

The first episode of an abdominal migraine usually occurs before the age of ten. While it’s called a ‘migraine,’ it actually doesn’t

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