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5 Reasons Why Men Shouldn’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day –


When I was growing up, I had mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. On one hand, I was exhilarated to see the excitement caused by the day. I mean, the anticipation of what “he” was going to do to celebrate the women in my life made me absolutely giddy.

Admittedly, I took advantage of the holiday in the past. The haze of impending romance acted as a drug that kept women intoxicated with the hope of love. 

Then one day, I took a step back and saw what was happening to me and my male friends. We were running around buying candy, roses, cards, and gifts while making reservations at the finest restaurants and hotels. It became a competition. The V-Day Games! The men would try to outdo each other as if the more money they spent, the more love they had for their significant other.

The women would also enjoy sharing “how much he loved me” by detailing the evening’s escapades. 

The cycle would rinse and repeat year after year. I had to get out of it.

There had to be a better way to show your love than the gratuitous waste of a month’s salary or more? So, I decided at that moment, I was no longer celebrating Valentine’s Day. 

This is the first time I’ve written down my reasoning. I hope you are reading this with an open mind. You don’t have to agree with me, but I hope you understand.

  1. Winning the Competition Became the Goal – I mentioned this earlier, but it needs to be repeated. I watched friends take more pride in how much they spent on Valentine’s Day, than making their significant other happy and feel loved. It went from cards to roses and a walk on the beach to helicopter rides and weekend getaways. Does spending more mean you love her more?

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