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5 Reasons Why Your Headache Won’t go Away!

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Have you ever wondered why your body just can’t fight off pain or sickness? Even when you’ve been taking everything that was recommended by your doctor and tried all the natural remedies you could find on the internet, nothing works. It seems as though you’re bound to suffer. Well, what if it’s not that what you’ve been doing or taking isn’t meant to help? What if you just haven’t pinpointed what has been causing the pain? A lot of the time, when it comes to physical pain, it’s because the body is suffering from something and the physical pain is a symptom. Take for example headaches. Your headaches can be caused because of something internally as well as physically. Maybe it’s time to learn about certain quirks and conditions that cause these headaches. clenching your jaw

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5 Factors That Cause Headaches

There are a lot of reasons why you may be suffering from headaches. These can be things we do absentmindedly and some may even be called a quirk. Here are 5 circumstances that can end up causing headaches:

Bruxism:  Bruxism is when you have a habit of constantly clenching your jaw. The pain from clenching your jaw leads to tension and pain that travels to other places in your skull

Brain Freeze: A brain freeze is a cold stimulus headache. When you consume something extremely cold, whether it be ice cream or an icy drink, a cold stimulus headache appears when the cold drink or substance drags over the back of your throat and palate.

Sinus Congestion: If you suffer from trouble with your sinuses, this could be a reason why you suffer from headaches as well. A sinus headache usually comes from a sinus infection. An infection will cause congestion and inflammation. 

Your Environment: Certain environmental factors can explain why you suffer from headaches. What and how you eat, consuming too much alcohol, lighting, weather changes emotional stress, etc. 

Cluster Headaches: As the most severe type of headaches, cluster headaches usually come in a group where a person can experience 1 to 8 headaches every day for months at a time. They may disappear for a few months once they go into remission but can always reoccur later on.

Why You Might Be Experiencing This Quirky Yet Painful Habit

Out of all 5 factors listed above on what could be causing you headaches, bruxism is the one that stands out the most. Why? Because this

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