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5 Uncommon Triggers That Can Cause An Asthma Attack

asthma triggers

When living with any type of respiratory issue, you always have to stay alert and be mindful. Why? Because there are many things that can trigger an attack or a flare-up. But, what is a respiratory disease specifically? Well, respiratory disease is a type of disease that affects the lungs and other parts of your respiratory system. This disease includes an array of different conditions such as COPD, lung cancer, pneumonia and even asthma. Yes, asthma is a type of respiratory disease that has many triggers. Even some uncommon triggers that you may not have known about are caused by asthma.

What Normally Triggers Asthma Attacks?

If you’re living with asthma, the best thing to do is know your common triggers. These common triggers are what usually affect a bunch of people who live with this condition.

One common trigger is allergies. Most of the time, if you suffer from allergies, they can trigger your asthma symptoms. These allergies can be dust mites, pollen, mold, pet dander and rodents.

Another common trigger that might cause an asthma attack is air irritants. This includes tobacco smoke, air pollution, gasoline, vapors, paint, chemicals and dust particles. 

Weather can trigger an asthma attack as well. The dry wind and cold air are both common triggers that may affect you or a majority of people living with asthma.

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5 Uncommon Triggers For Asthma

You know about the common triggers when it comes to your asthma because they’re common issues that are discussed more often, but what about the not-so-common triggers? The ones you didn’t know about? There are many uncommon effects that can prompt an asthma attack that you may have overlooked. These include:

  1. Thunderstorms 
  2. Aspirin
  3. Laughing or Crying
  4. Traffic 
  5. Acid Reflux

How These Unknowns Can Cause An Attack

When it comes to thunderstorms, during an electrical storm, the pollen grains burst which releases allergen into the air. These allergens are then pushed around by the gusty winds and this can trigger someone living with allergies. 

With aspirin, many people are allergic to it and don’t even know. Research shows that after people with asthma take aspirin, something that contains aspirin or an anti-inflammatory substance, they usually suffer from an asthma attack or notice symptoms. 

Laughing and or crying are two emotional states that can trigger an asthma attack or cause

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