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5 Yoga Poses that Strengthen Your Pelvis

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Prostate cancer is the second most typical cancer in men following skin cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that roughly one in every eight men will get prostate cancer. But the disease discriminates: it impacts non-Hispanic Black men disproportionately, especially among older ages. 

Men’s bladder or prostate-related disorders are a naturally occurring part of getting older. Some of these signs and symptoms include being incapable to begin or pause urinating, constant urination, an ongoing urge to pee, etc. These issues may manifest into prostate cancer if not looked at. Fortunately, BlackDoctor.Org is here for you to share six particular yoga poses that have shown effectiveness in preventing this dilemma. You can strengthen and improve your pelvic floor muscles through yoga techniques.

Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar, yoga guru and founder, of Akshar Yoga Institutions, states, “Asanas can help in pelvic floor muscle strengthening, which reduces pelvic tension, helps to improve bladder control, and facilitates urination. On top of pelvic floor activity, the following yoga poses can also be beneficial in improving the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, and decrease stress.”

Try incorporating these yoga poses into your daily routine to keep your prostate health aligned with your body:

1. Vajrasana – Bring in the Thunder With Thunderbolt Pose

Kneel at a gradual pace, placing both of your heels on your pelvis. If you have any difficulties with your knees, you can set up a pillow for your calves.

The goal is to keep an outward-facing toe and heels with slight space in between. Put your hands in the Prapthi Mudra with your palms facing up and straighten your back for optimal posture. Maintain your gaze ahead for at least 10 to 15 seconds.

2. Mandukasana – Hop Into Frog Pose

Cover your right palm over your left palm while still in the Vajrasana position, keeping them both on either your belly button or navel. Without exerting too much force, gently squeeze your stomach in. Exhale and release out as you bend forward, keeping your eyes straight. Hold this stance for a bit while holding your breath. Breathe in at a slow rate, then reset your posture.

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3. Salabhasana Variation – Focus On the Locust Pose

Put your palms underneath your shoulders as you rest face down on your tummy. Inhale while raising your right hand and left leg at the same time, keeping your feet together.

Elevate your head and chest while maintaining straight knees. To drop your torso down, exhale, then repeat on the

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