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6 Perfume Alternatives for Eczema Sufferers

It’s warming up outside, which means more sun and more melanin poppin’. Yet, your eczema just won’t let you be great…sigh. 

But wait, don’t slink over to the bland, sensitive skin care aisle just yet! Some sensitive-skin-safe alternatives on Amazon can get you into the summer vibes. Here are some non-eczema-irritating products for the spring and summer seasons.

perfume alternatives
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The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace Tree of Life Pattern Stainless Steel Locket is priced at less than ten dollars on Amazon. This product will have you smelling lovely for the low.

It also sports a beautiful tree design, perfect for jazzing up any style. The necklace includes a locket and chain and ten reusable absorbent essential oil pad inserts. Simply drop a little of your favorite essential oil on the pad and go!

This is a great alternative if you want the soothing smells of Eucalyptus or Lavender without the skin irritation. With 80 percent of reviews giving it five out of five stars, this is definitely a product worth giving a try.

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The brand Juliette has a Gun sports the “Not a Collection”, an assortment of scented products made without the harmful allergens Eczema sufferers try to avoid.

This product touts a 4 1⁄2 star rating on Amazon, with reviews stating “So fresh, clean and lasting…” They also boast five-star reviews over 80 percent on their website, all positives seemingly making it worth the considerable price tag. Nonetheless, smelling great without the skin irritation is money well spent.

perfume alternatives
Photo: Amazon

Amazon offers the scent profile “Striptease Flowers” in the Sabé Masson perfume collection, as a perfume stick rather than a sprayable (and spillable) liquid.

Founded in 2014, Sabé Masson strives to create perfumes without harsh, irritating chemicals. With 74 percent five-star reviews on Amazon, this perfume has generally positive comments, with only a couple of laments of wishing it were

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