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7 “Don’ts” for Black Folks with Eczema


Eczema in dark skin is just different

An inflammatory condition, eczema is known for its annoying scratchy symptoms and unsightly scars, scabs, and scales. Whether you’re nursing dry skin or dealing with ugly blisters, eczema isn’t fun. In Black folks, the normally red colors may present as brown or purple, often accompanied by discoloration, small bumps, and even dark circles near the eyes.

But here’s the good news! 

If you wanna preserve that beautiful ebony skin without all the stress and hassle, you can. Whether it’s managing irritating shampoos, soaps, and detergents, or airborne allergens like dust and pollen, it’s time to regain control of your eczema.

Here are seven things you should avoid to keep your symptoms in check and your flare-ups on the down-low.

1. High-Pollution Days

You may have heard the term “Code Red,” which is often used to refer to poor air quality. If your local weather channel is telling you the pollution levels are high, stay indoors.

While pollution is bad for breathing, it can also be bad for your skin. Urban smog, wildfire smoke, and dry, hot conditions can all worsen your eczema. Be mindful and try to stay indoors when possible, using a HEPA filter to take any nasty particulates out of your air. If you need to be outside, don’t forget your lotion!

2. Scalding Hot Showers

Sometimes, all you wanna do is hop in a hot shower and let the weight off your shoulders. But did you know that all that hot water can lead to a complete hot mess of your eczema symptoms?

While warm showers and baths are good when taken in moderation (~10 minutes), too much heat can dry out the skin and cause itching. Darker skin is especially sensitive to this, making long, hot showers a no-no for Black eczema sufferers.

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3. Excess Stress

Of course, we’d all love to skip through life without a care in the world, with everything handled and dandy, but that’s never the case. And it doesn’t have to be.

Just a little bit of decompression – whether through a chat with friends, yoga, or relaxing on the couch – can do wonders for

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