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75-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Completes 100M Sprint in Under 14 Seconds!

Photo credit: Kristian Thacker for The New York Times

Run Charlie Run! 75-year-old Charles Allie has gone viral after running a 100-meter sprint in under 14 seconds. At the 2023 Penn Relays, Allie glided around the track in 13.96 seconds, a time that even some younger folks could not beat!

Thanks to his groundbreaking accomplishments in the track and field world, Allie has become a huge inspiration to athletes of all generations.

In an interview with Sportsmasters in 2022, Allie explained how he battled prostate cancer in 2021 and for the first half of 2022. However, that did not hold him back from the major comeback he was plotting in the senior track world for 2023.

“I’m looking at setting some world records,” Allie stated. “You have to take advantage of being the youngest in the age group. It comes around once every five years.”

Allie is no stranger to the track and field world. In 2013, Olympian Usain Bolt honored Allie with the International Association of Athletics Federations’ award for Male Masters Athlete of the Year. 

Although some people may perceive Allie as a superhero, it’s important to maintain your mobility to age healthily and enjoy your golden years. Just because you don’t have the desire to run a track and field race every day, it doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your mobility through other means. 

Photo Credit: Kristian Thacker for The New York Times

Regular exercise and healthy lifestyle choices have been shown to have a positive impact on both physical and mental health, making it a key factor in maintaining overall well-being, particularly as we grow older. With this, you can keep your independence, happiness, and youthfulness alive, which is incredibly rewarding. 

It’s never too late to step out of your shell and find ways to stay mobile and fit! Try and set a new resolution to keep up with your physical mobility with a few of these helpful tips.

Go For A Walk Every Day

Incorporating a daily walking regimen into your routine can be an excellent way to maintain your

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