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All Bout Dat Tours Launches New Service For Black Family Reunion Banquets and Picnics, Plus New Triple Combo Tour

Mikhala Iversen & Bunny Young, New Orleans
Mikhala Iversen & Bunny Young, New Orleans
Photo Credit: James Cullen

Mikhala Iversen, a five-star rated tour guide, and the Founder and CEO of All Bout Dat Tours LLC, a leading Black-owned and operated tour company in New Orleans, Louisiana, is proud to introduce new and exciting services and excursions for her clients. This year, she is celebrating 10 years in business.

“Summertime,” Ms. Iversen says, “is when large groups of Black family reunions come to New Orleans to celebrate and unite, this is our favorite time of the year because of all the love they bring to our city. Families over the years have been asking for additional Black-owned services. We want to assist our families and we now have the capacity to accommodate the family banquets and picnics. We are partnering with Ms. Bunny Young, owner of Crawbabies LLC and an exquisite Black-owned and operated event hall.”

She continues, “The family reunion picnics will take place under the breathtaking 200-year-old oak trees in our historic city park. We can provide Second-Line Brass Bands, and DJs, and now can throw parties you will never forget.”

New Excursions: Lousiana Black Heritage Trinity Tour!

Also, Ms. Iversen continues, “I have been inspired to offer a brand-new combo tour, combining three destinations in an all-day excursion: A Swamp tour in the bayou of South Louisiana, a visit to The Whitney Plantation Museum of Slavery, in Edgar, and the third destination is a tour of the River Road African American Museum in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. The River Road African American Museum is a true gem of Louisiana, educating its visitors on the history and culture of African Americans in rural communities of South Louisiana, freedom, resilience, and reconciliation. This combo tour will give our visitors a unique opportunity to explore wildlife, the horror of slavery, and the glory of OurStory.”

On this all-day excursion, Ms. Bunny Young and her will provide their guests with healthy snacks, water, iced tea, and a classic New Orleans Po-boy sandwich. “All Bout Dat Tours LLC is ready and excited!” Ms. Iversen states.

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