Ann Coulter Gets Racist With Vivek Ramaswamy

'Politicon', Los Angeles, USA - 25 Jun 2016

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On Wednesday, former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and the poster child for unabashed racism and the Fox News Karen phenotype, Ann Coulter, got together for a nice, wholesome “I Heart White Nationalism” discussion, and, for whatever reason, they thought it was a thing the world needed to see, so it was aired on Ramaswamy’s podcast, Truth (which you can be sure is every bit as inappropriately titled as Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform).

After absurdly identifying the word “nationalism,” as “the N-word that you’re not allowed to say anymore,” Ramaswamy introduced Coulter as “somebody I’ve been fascinated by for a long time,” and Coulter returned the compliment.

“I too am a fan of yours, though I’m going to make a point of disagreeing with you so that it will be fun,” she said. “You are so bright and articulate—and I guess I can call you articulate since you’re not an American Black, can’t say that about them, that’s derogatory.”

First of all, Coulter literally couldn’t get three full sentences into this discussion without bringing Black people up out of nowhere while we were somewhere minding our collective business in a way she may or may not have found to be “articulate.” It’s amazing the way even the most passionately anti-Black white people can deny or mock the history of anti-Blackness that would contextualize the reason telling Black people they are “so articulate” is inherently racist.

Anyway, Ramaswamy laughed off the comment—as one would expect from the guy who thinks Juneteenth is a “redundant” holiday because MLK Day already exists—but his facial expression changed up after Coulter un-shockingly revealed that she’s also demonstrably racist against brown people. Coulter admitted that she’s so racist, in fact, that even though she agreed with Ramaswamy quite often during his bid for the Republican nomination for president, she never would have voted for him because he is not a white person.

“I agreed with many, many things you said … when you were running for president, but I still would not have voted for you because you’re an Indian,” Coulter said.

“There is a core national identity that is the identity of the WASP,” she continued, referring to the acronym for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. “And that doesn’t mean we can’t take anyone else in ― a Sri Lankan or a Japanese, or an Indian. But the core around which the nation’s values are formed is the WASP.”

Now, Coulter may or may not have realized that she had just quite literally explained white supremacy in a nutshell while exemplifying the reasons critical race theory exists and DEI is still necessary, but she continued to discuss how the U.S. presidency has nearly always been as exclusively Caucasian as her dinner parties likely are, and Ramaswamy simply nodded along.

“Hitler had soup—that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have soup,” Coulter said in a whitesplanation of why white nationalism should exist that could only be more neo-Nazi-esque if she has simply shouted, “HEIL HITLER! NOW, BRING ME SOUP!” Coulter also whined that the “only people who are not allowed to be proud of their ethnic group do tend to be Anglo Saxons,” despite the fact that she had just ranted about how the entire “nation’s values” are built around whiteness.

After the show, Ramaswamy posted on X that he “disagreed” with Coulter but he respects “that she had the guts to speak her mind.” (You know that one Django Unchained meme with Samuel L. Jackson distraughtly embracing Leonardo DiCaprio in their roles? Well, you know where I’m going with that.)


Mind you, Ramaswamy once likened Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley to the “modern KKK” just because Pressley is a Black woman who is unabashedly pro-Black. Yet, here he is praising a loud and proud KKKaren who wears her pro-white racism right on her sleeve, and even after she told him to his face that he’s too brown for the Oval Office, he’s essentially responding like: “OMG, you’re such a brave little white supremacist, I love youuuuuuu!” 

Again, none of this is surprising. When Ramaswamy was running for president, he once, during a GOP debate, promoted the white nationalist “great replacement theory,” which theorizes that white people in America are being systematically replaced by non-white immigrants. Despite how Coulter spelled it out for him, it’s almost as if Ramaswamy is completely unaware that the face of the declared enemy in the “great replacement theory”—is his face. 


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