Anti-White Racism Campaign Costs $90 Million

White conservative America understands that America is, in fact, a racist country. The only problem is they don’t understand who benefits from American racism, and who the country is racist against.

They think it’s white people who are disadvantaged by American racism.

Donald Trump recently complained about and promised to take action against what he called an “anti-white feeling” in America that “can’t be allowed.” Trump voters believe anti-white racism in America is a far more pressing issue than anti-Black racism in America. Last month, Iowa State University President Wendy Wintersteen vowed that her school would continue to “establish learning communities” where a “young white man” could “find the place where they could belong”—in a school that is more than 72% white. In 2021, white “educators” were pushing for a “White Well-being” course to combat “anti-white propaganda,” which is what conservatives call critical race theory when they’re spreading pro-white propaganda. White conservatives, including many in the Republican party, adhere to the white nationalist Great Replacement Theory, which, in part, claims Democrats are aiming to replace white people in America with undocumented migrants. The theory was referenced in a manifesto left by white supremacist Payton Gendron, who gunned down 10 Black people in Buffalo, New York.

Now, it has been reported that Trump’s political allies have poured some $90 million into an ad campaign focused largely on “anti-white” racism.

But before we get into all that, here’s what I’ve written about the white grievance revolution that has become increasingly popular with the white and fragile:

Here’s a question that I often ask but have never received a plausible answer to: In a country that is more than 60% white and where white people dominate every important entity in Western society — from the corporate world to state and federal governments to all aspects of the justice system — and are the only overwhelmingly represented racial group in popular culture (TV, film, broadcasting, and, up until recent years, advertising, etc.), who exactly are white people being oppressed by?

The big takeaway here should be that, for Black people, getting the nation to truly acknowledge and correct its anti-Black nature has been a 400-year-long uphill battle that rarely results in antiracist laws being passed. However, when white people start crying Caucasian tears over what they perceive as anti-whiteness (again, despite being the most prevalent and powerful racial group in the country) policies change and legislation gets signed to appease them while the most powerful people in and outside of the U.S. government fall right in line with them, their anti-white paranoia and their seething racial resentment.

Data shows that white people account for about 60% of America’s population but make up at least 77% of Congress. Data shows that every single state legislature in America is disproportionately white regardless of the racial makeup of that state. Republican lawmakers across red-state America are literally splitting up predominately Black and Hispanic voting districts in order to create additional predominately white districts, which they then lie and say are “race-neutral.”

It’s just really odd how the MAGA world’s anti-white America looks eerily similar to the Jim Crow-loving, pre-Civil Rights Act America that is traditionally and systemically anti-Black.

Anyway, back to the whiny whites and their whiny white ad campaign.

From Raw Story:

The dark money group Citizens for Sanity, which formed in mid-2022 and has ties to Trump’s inner circle, ran ads during the World Series and other broadcasts in battleground states with hateful messages about LGBTQ people and featuring disturbing images of violent crime involving Black people, according to new tax records obtained by Documented and the Guardian.

“Citizen for Sanity’s spending has continued into this election cycle, with more recent ads focusing intensely on ‘anti-white’ racism,” the Guardian reported. “One ad from last year plays on racist fears of white Americans being disadvantaged by diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) metrics, falsely claiming that ‘leftwing politicians think skin color and gender identity should determine who gets the job.’

Another ad declares that equity is ‘leftwing code for whites and Asians not welcome.’ The group asserts that ‘Democrats used to care about the middle class, now they just care about your race and your gender.’ Other ads have targeted Democrats in competitive races, such as the senator Sherrod Brown in Ohio.”

It’s not quite clear why this organization of cranky Caucasian bigots is trying to pull Asian people into its white and fragile nonsense. It could be that Asian households are the only ones that make more money than white households per capita, which doesn’t change the fact that white households still represent the overwhelming majority of America’s wealthy households—which, despite white conservatives’ fake Asian solidarity, reinforces the fact that white people represent America’s power structure, not its oppressed. 

“Citizens for Sanity’s staggering $93 million in spending eclipsed that of its parent groups, surpassing even the combined total spent by CPI ($23 million), and America First Legal ($35 milllion),” the Guardian reported.

That sure is a lot of money to spend just to say: “We’re white, we’re privileged, and we want to be oppressed sooooo bad!”


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