Black Girl Ventures x NBA Foundation-Pull Up & Pitch

Calling all our BOSS BABES, entrepreneurs and also future rich Aunties of the family. Stop holding in that amazing business idea of yours. Pitch it, and get the funding you need in order to make it a success. How? By attending the Black Girl Ventures x NBA Foundation-Pull Up & Pitch event.

Okay, do we have your attention? Great! Therefore, to prepare to pitch your brand, products or company; you will need to come up with a quick summary as to why you should receive funding. How quick? 60 seconds.

Moreover, Black Girl Ventures explains more about their event in partnership with the NBA. They state,

“Black Girl Ventures, in partnership with the NBA Foundation, is bringing Pull Up & Pitch to Houston on February 2, 2023.

Pull Up & Pitch brings the pitch competition from the “business stage” to your neighborhood, focusing on normalizing business pitching, creating visibility for innovative ideas, supporting small business revitalization, and educating the public on how to ask for and manage finances. It’s a fast-paced, highly entertaining two-round competition where Black & Brown founders, small business owners, and entrepreneurs shoot their shot with a 60-second elevator pitch to access up to $50,000 in grants to grow their businesses on the spot!

Imagine The Voice meets Shark Tank in your neighborhood! No prior pitch experience is required. Pull Up & Pitch is open to Black & Brown founders, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.”

Pull Up and Pitch by the NBA and Black Girl Ventures

However, still not quite sure of what to expect? No problem. We got you. No reason to feel nervous, just let relax and have fun. Nevertheless, this how the rounds shall work:

How does the Pull Up & Pitch event work?

In Round 1, Founders will pitch for 60 seconds to a panel of champions (judges)

Each champion gets one vote

  • One thumb-up equals $200
  • Two thumbs up equals $250
  • Three thumbs up are worth $500

If the Founder receives a vote from all three judges, they move on to Round 2.

In Round 2, seven Founders will pitch for up to 3 minutes to special guest judges for the chance to access additional grant money + other perks and prizes from partners.

Round 2 grand prizes are:

  • 1st place: $10k
  • 2nd place: $3k
  • 3rd place: $2k

Black Girl Ventures x NBA Foundation-Pull Up & Pitch



Nonetheless, sound like something you are interested in for your business? Then, start preparing and also practicing what you will say. Moreover, here are some final steps and information we thought you all will find useful.

  • These sessions will be recorded/photographed. Your RSVP is consent to be recorded/photographed.
  • To be eligible for funding, you must be a business registered in the US and have less than $1M in revenue.
  • Our mission is to accelerate Founders/CEOs who identify as Black & Brown.
  • Payouts to pitch participants will be made via PayPal transfer. Please have your information ready.


  • What should I bring? Your best 60-second and 3-minute elevator pitch. No pitch decks. Products are welcome.
  • How do I join the queue for the chance to pitch? Arrive early to grab your spot in line. Pitches will be heard on a first-come, first-served basis. Line-up begins at 8am.
  • Is there a fee to pitch? No
  • Do I need to register to pitch. Yes! You must register through Eventbrite and have your ticket on-hand to enter the pitch cue.

Final Thoughts

Got questions? Email:

Therefore, have fun pitching everyone! Additionally, may all your business dreams come true! Also, shoutout to Black Girl Ventures and the NBA for teaming up for such a wonderful event.

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