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Black Tech Expert With 25 Years Experience to Teach Cybersecurity Classes in Underserved Communities

Tony Wittock, Founder of Cyber Security Consulting Ops

Meet Tony Wittock, the Founder and CEO of Cyber Security Consulting Ops, a Black-owned cybersecurity tech firm based in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Tony started out as an ethical hacker before starting his own tech firm, but prior to that, he spent more than two decades working as a Manager, Director, and Principal Engineer for big companies like Comcast and Cisco.

In his various roles, Tony was responsible for developing analog and digital set-top box firmware, field deployment of firmware, the overall security of the set-top boxes network, and the security of the set-top box network both for Comcast Eastern Division and Comcast corporate. With Cisco, he was part of a team that helped develop Comcast’s first-generation set-top boxes cloud technology. He then started Cyber Security Consulting Ops in 2017 and moved to a full-time role in the company in November 2018.

Tony has always been at the forefront of new technologies. He directly transferred Comcast-acquired systems from Adelphia and Suburban cable systems into digital video networks to launch Video On Demand. He is currently responsible for developing the Cyber Security Consulting Ops Learning Management System (LMS) and technologies used for all cybersecurity utilities used for Penetration Testing for Cyber Security Consulting Ops.

To help bring “Intro to Cybersecurity” classes to students in underserved communities, he is currently working with a local college in Southern New Jersey.

To learn more about his company, visit his official website at

For press inquiries or media interviews, contact (888) 588-9951 or

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