Charlie Kirk, Trump Campaign Partner Amid Black Voter Push

Donald Trump Participates In A Turning Point Town Hall In Phoenix, Arizona

Charlie Kirk, founder and executive director of Turning Point USA, speaks during a Turning Point PAC town hall at Dream City Church on June 6, 2024, in Phoenix, Arizona. | Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

Donald Trump sure knows how to prove that he loves the Blacks, doesn’t he? Ever since he’s been drowning in legal woes, including the 34 felonies he was convicted of at the end of his hush money trial, he, his sons and his other loyal minions have been trying to spread the narrative that the “injustice” he has faced in the court system is bringing all the Black voters to the MAGA yard because we too know what it’s like to face such injustice. He has even compared himself to Nelson Mandela multiple times.

Trump loves the Blacks so much, in fact, that his campaign has now partnered with a loud and proud racist and his organization of barely closeted white nationalists who never fail to show off their resentment for Black people and the very idea that we face systemic racism at all.

Last week, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk announced that his organization would be officially partnering with the campaign and canvassing neighborhoods to mobilize MAGA voters.

“Breaking right here on this show: Turning Point Action’s ballot chase initiative, and remind you, we are working directly in coordination with the Trump campaign, that’s the new FEC rule and regulation. Charlie, I don’t want to get over my skis there,” Andrew Kolvet, Kirk’s podcast co-host, said in the announcement, to which Kirk responded, “We’re allowed to work in harmony on doors and canvassing, that’s what the law says.”

Kirk has been an avid Trump supporter since his first run for office, which makes sense considering they both hate the very idea of diversity, hate immigrants, have sexist, archaic attitudes towards women (especially Black women) and they both adamantly believe the Central Park Five is guilty despite them having been exonerated and despite the fact that someone else confessed to the crime they were thrown in prison for.

Kirk also hates Martin Luther King Jr. as much as Trump hates all Black history that hasn’t been thoroughly whitewashed in general. He even shares Trump’s affinity for re-writing said history having once suggested that segregation was limited to “a couple states and a couple jurisdictions,” as opposed to the more than a dozen southern states that had Jim Crow laws and Black Codes on the books, and the myriad of northern states that also practiced segregation.

Kirk once suggested that Black people prefer “gang banging” to supporting Trump, which he did after joining other white conservatives in suggesting that Trump’s mugshot and criminal indictments would increase his support among Black people. (So, basically, we’re thugs if we do and thugs if we don’t.)

For good measure, here’s Kirk sharing footage of a bunch of MAGA white women and their children under a caption that implies a shot of a bunch of MAGA white women and their children prove that one day, the MAGA world inhabitants will “outbreed the left.”

Now, tell me Kirk doesn’t just look like the beta version of Trump, who can’t even look at his own daughters without immediately sexualizing them. (Also, I can’t help but hear the dog-whistling in that line about “outbreeding.” It just gives big Great Replacement Theory energy. He might as well have tweeted, “More white babies to drown out the brown, please!”)

So, yeah, Kirk and Trump are two peas in a white supremacist and patriarchal pod, and if one was so delusional that they needed more proof that Trump is a racist who is only pro-Black when it’s politically convenient, this partnership says it all.


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