Discover Lisbon On This Underrated Trolley Ride

Lisbon is a beautiful city in the heart of Portugal. It sits in the hills on the country’s coast and has a history dating back thousands of years. The city is full of historic castles, national landmarks, beautiful beaches, and Old-World charm. There’s no better way to discover Lisbon, though, than by trolley. 

Unlike other European cities, yellow trams can be seen throughout the coastal city. Both tourists and locals use them as a primary method of transportation. Many Remodelado trams still have the same features as their original design from the 1930s. Instead of touring Lisbon through fancier, more modern means, travelers can discover its grace by trolley. 

Tram #28 is Lisbon’s most well-known trolley route. It passes many popular tourist attractions and landmarks giving visitors a snapshot of the city. Next time you’re in Lisbon, grab a seat on tram #28 and discover the city on the underrated trolley ride.

The Magic of Tram 28

Photo credit: Miguel A. Ferreira

There are many different ways to experience Lisbon. However, touring the city on Tram 28 is unique and magical. Lisbon’s narrow streets can be hard to maneuver in a vehicle, but the trams make their way through with ease, with Tram 28 providing the best views of everything you want to see. 

Along the E28 route, the trolley connects the multicultural hub of Martin Moniz and the Campo Ourique neighborhood. Most modern day trams are unable to fit down the slender streets and alleyways along the E28 route. For those who want to experience the route in its entirety and hop on and off the trolley, many travelers suggest buying an all day metro pass. 

The magic of Tram 28 lies in its old school feel. It still has the wooden floors, welcoming yellow exterior, and brass finishings. Travelers are teleported back in time as they tour popular neighborhoods like Alfama, Se Cathedral, Baixa, and a few others. To avoid a ton of tourists, it’s recommended that travelers ride the tram either early in the morning or evening.

Exploring Lisbon By Trolley 

Photo credit: Nextvoyage

If you enjoy Tram 28, consider checking out some of the other tram routes throughout Lisbon. While E28 route can be spotted by its bright yellow shine, there are also red trolleys that specifically accommodate tourists and typically are less crowded than Tram 28. It also follows the same scenic route. Tram 24 is the newest addition to the Lisbon trolley system and goes through the posh neighborhood Principe Real. Tram 12 also is a similar route to the magical E28. 

Off-peak times on the Lisbon trolley system are before 9 a.m. and after 7 p.m. Travelers have warned others to beware of pickpocketers riding the trolley.

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