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Dr. Zipporah Abla’s Empowering Weight Loss Journey

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Embarking on a weight loss journey is a deeply personal and transformative experience. 

The Struggle and Initial Efforts

For Dr. Zipporah Abla, the journey began with a weight of around 200 lbs. Despite rigorous efforts, including joining Orange Theory and adhering to measured diets, she found it challenging to achieve the results she desired. 

“Weight loss was the only thing on my mind, and it felt like an endless journey of trial and error,” Dr. Abla shares. “I was constantly frustrated, trying different things, and thinking about the impact on my body all day long.”

“I explored juicing, eliminated wheat and dairy, tried sugar-free and low-carb diets, and even fasting, but the results were not what I wanted,” the author adds.

Frustrated with conventional methods, Dr. Abla, an equal rights advocate and mother of two, eventually sought a more effective and personalized approach.

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The Turning Point

Fortunately, her journey took a positive turn when she discovered LifeMD, a program she believed would finally bring about the changes she desired. 

Her previous attempts with various weight loss strategies had left her disheartened, but the unique approach of LifeMD captured her attention. Currently, LifeMD has about 300 new patients signing up each day for access to its virtual integrated weight loss clinic.

Shanta Williams, APRN

LifeMD: A Unique Approach with Shanta Williams 

Central to Dr. Abla’s positive experience was her healthcare provider, Shanta Williams, APRN, a board-certified, multi-state Nurse Practitioner who has worked in healthcare for over 14 years. 

The presence of a Black provider who shared her unique challenges fostered a sense of trust and connection. 

“Having a Black provider who openly shared her own journey with the medicine made me believe it was possible. Trust is essential, and Shanta has earned it,” Dr. Abla shares. “Connecting with Shanta instilled a sense of trust because she looks like me and understands the unique challenges within the healthcare system and community.”

Williams’ personalized approach was instrumental in tailoring the program to suit Dr. Abla’s needs, addressing both the

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