Fani Willis Calls Out Racism In Georgia Prosecutor Oversight Panel


Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis listens during the final arguments in her disqualification hearing at the Fulton County Courthouse on March 1, 2024, in Atlanta, Georgia. | Source: ALEX SLITZ / Getty

Shout out to Black woman government officials who are not shy about calling their white colleagues the racists and misogynoir-fueled bigots that many of them are.

Much like Texas Rep. Jasmine Crockett had no issue calling Marjorie Taylor Greene and her “fake eyelashes” comment “racist,” Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is keeping it real about why the state of Georgia suddenly needs a prosecutorial oversight committee when it never needed one before so many people of color have been elected to be district attorneys.

“Georgia had never had a prosecutorial oversight committee, and all of a sudden, 14 minorities were elected to office to serve as district attorney,” Willis said during an appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show. “And now, all of a sudden, they need an oversight committee to look after district attorneys.”

If you listen closely you can hear the faint sound of white tears flooding social media as delusional white conservatives whine about “race-baiting” and crying, “OMG, everything is racist these days!” But at least Willis has offered a reason for the allegation, and considering the fact that white people continue to refer to Black elected officials as “DEI hires,” it’s not like Willis would have a difficult time pulling receipts to back her argument.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has called Willis and every single Black prosecutor who has brought a case against him racist for no other discernable reason besides the fact that they’re Black. Trump has never even bothered to elaborate on what makes them racist, and none of his MAGA cultists, or anyone else in the Republican party for that matter, have called him out for playing the proverbial “race card.” So, you know—maybe they’re all just racist.

Speaking of Trump, Willis also talked about how unintimidated she is by the litany of racist messages and violent threats she has received for about as long as she’s been in office, especially since she launched a RICO case against the ex-president and a myriad of his associates, who have been accused of election interference in Georgia.

“It’s been happening since about a month after I took office—I began to get threats,” Willis said, adding that the threats, many of which she said “are racial in nature,” even caused her to move out of her home out of safety concerns.

“It’s a very interesting way to live, but it’s well worth it to have the honor of being the first female district attorney in Fulton County,” she said. “It pales in comparison to what my victims are going through.”

Wilis then dropped some facts for all of her detractors, including Trump, who have deflected to crime in Fulton County, because if we know anything about the way conservatives debate things, we know how desperately they cling to, “What about Black-on-Black crime?” as a convenient go-to argument for any issue concerning even a single Black person.

“And the reality is, one of the reasons we are upsetting people is we’re so successful here in Fulton County,” Willis said. “I have the third largest crime drop in America. We have it because we’re taking a balanced approach; both unapologetically going after gangs and violent criminals and anyone who should violate the law in my county. And we’re also doing programs. It has been a huge sacrifice, but it’s well worth it for my community.”

Later in the interview, Willis dropped the hammer on her haters by letting them know she isn’t going anywhere and they should be as worried about her as they constantly demonstrate they are.

“I can’t explain to you how much I love the work that I do. I can’t explain to you how loved I feel by my community. You really should feel sorry for those that are trying to deter me from my work. It doesn’t do anything but motivate me to continue to work and to work hard,” she said. “And so I’m not someone that’s going to be broken. But certainly, it has caused me to get thicker skin or to be more resilient, to dig deeper, to work harder. But what it has not done is deter me from my work.”

If there is anything white conservatives hate more than a Black woman’s confidence, it’s a Black woman’s confidence in the face of their efforts to bring her down.

We, on the other hand, love to see it.


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