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Flo Rida Bets on Himself, Launches Rival Energy Drink with Earnings from His $82 Million Victory Against Celsius

Flo Rida is launching his own energy drink amidst winning an $82.6 million award from his lawsuit against the energy drink company Celsius.

The 43-year-old recording artist has partnered with the co-founders of JettSet1 Enterprises, Erik Hicks, and George Tabi, M.D.

The “Low” rapper — whose legal name is Tramar Dillard — told Insider that he wants to make his energy drink healthier than the energy drinks from Celsius.

Flo Rida set to launch his own energy drink following Celsius lawsuit. (Photo: Flo Rida/Instagram.)

“Coming from the success of Celsius, when they had no name and the marketing was very little, I took that product and I took it worldwide,” said Dillard. “This is the thing that we wanna do with JettSet1. I already know the field. Celsius is great, but at the same time, we want to take something and make it even greater, even healthier.”

JettSet1 is a company with partnerships in several industries, including biotech, health & wellness, beverages, real estate development, and film and television.

The company announced its partnership with Dillard on March 6 and noted its new energy drink was conceptualized and formulated by Dr. Tabi with Hicks and Dillard. The JettSet1 energy drink will be organically and naturally sourced, the company says.

“We have a very gifted and dedicated team that is committed to quality assurance,” he shared. “It’s great to continue to work with my friends and business partners at JettSet1.”

Dillard was a brand ambassador for Celsius from 2014 to 2018, and the “Right Round” rapper sued the company for breach of contract. He testified that the company owed him $30K plus the one percent ownership he was promised.

The 43-year-old also testified that the company profits grew partly due to his hit song “My House.” The jury agreed and awarded the musician the multi-million-dollar award on Jan. 18.

Dilliard supports several charities, including Big Dreams For Kids as well as the Florida Youth Football League, and has previously said that he planned to spend some of his award money on philanthropic work.

The “Whistle” artist recently attended an event at the University of Miami on March 6 and shared a video clip on Twitter with the caption, “It’s always a blessing to have the opportunity to share our experiences with our community! Thank you @umiamicas for inviting us to your [house emoji]! This is just the beginning….. Luke 12:48.”

Flo Rida’s new energy drink is slated to be ready for sale in early 2024.

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