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Founders of Black-Owned Watermelon Company in NYC Drive 16 Hours a Day to Get Fresh Produce

Founders of Black Seed Brothers

Meet the Founders of Black Seed Brothers, a popular Black-owned watermelon company in New York City that sells farm fresh, sweet watermelons with black seeds. They also sell fresh watermelon juice and smoothies that the locals rave about. To accomplish this, they have to travel up to 16 hours almost every day to bring freshly picked watermelons straight from farms in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

These brothers, some related by blood and others just good friends, bring in up to 1,000 fresh melons every week from farms in the south, and people from all over the NYC area come to buy their watermelons, available in red and yellow.

They sell watermelons with black seeds scattered through the juicy flesh, which packs more flavor and a better texture, unlike the typical seedless variety found in supermarkets. “Real black seeds from the dirt,” said Johann, one of the brothers, according to The Curious Uptowner.

Tyler, another member of the crew, adds, “When you see the black seeds, you know they’re the original.”

What’s more, they are teamed up with My Health Station, a Black-owned food truck business that provides nutritious meals and snacks, to offer fresh watermelon juices. They also deliver within the city via Uber Eats.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram @BlackSeedBrothers

Also, you can support the business by visiting its location at 139th St. & Lenox Ave., New York, NY.

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