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Heroic Anti-Bully Gang Stands Up for Cancer Patient

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Photo: GoFundMe

A lot of students face bullying in their daily lives. It can take a significant toll on their ability to learn and their overall health. In Texas, though, an anti-bully gang is taking a stand and making a difference. They’re determined to help students who are being bullied so they can have fulfilling lives. 

How They Helped Tayden Ybarra

While the anti-bully gang has been around for a few months, they recently made the news when they showed up at a high school in Katy, Texas to support a girl who was being bullied. Arriving in their eye-catching luxury vehicles, they specifically asked for 15-year-old Tayden who has been fighting brain cancer from the age of six. According to the teenager, she has been bullied since elementary school because of her cancer and the effects of the necessary treatments. 

One of the issues the bullies would have with Tayden was a belief that her cancer was contagious and they would catch it simply from coming into contact with her. When hews of her bullying spread, the anti-bully gang jumped into action. Since they had everyone’s attention, they made it their duty to support Tayden and even showed her a fun time in one of their gorgeous cars.

Since making the video, they’ve garnered a lot of views and interaction on different social media platforms. They aim to not only bolster Tayden’s spirit and self-confidence but to also show the bullies in the school that she’s deserving of much more. 

What They Stand For

The anti-bully gang’s mission is to reach out to children who are being bullied so they feel safe, supported, and loved. They also want to spread information about bullying and how it negatively affects everyone involved. The organization isn’t only aiming to talk to the children, either. According to the group’s founder, it only takes a few minutes after their arrival to grab the principal’s attention. At that point, it’s good to bring some focus to who’s being bullied and why. It opens the door for things to change and for the administration to consider making changes that will positively impact the entire school.

Apart from helping bullied children across the state of Texas, the group has a hotline that anyone can call if they need assistance. This number is (210) – 272 – 7707.

Photo: GoFundMe

How Bullying Affects Black Children

A recent study showed that up to 20 percent of children in K-12 were being bullied and Black children were most likely to be bullied. In most cases, race was the reason for being picked on but that’s not always the root cause. Children may also be bullied because of sexual orientation, appearance, or disabilities. To make things worse, Black children often aren’t believed or their experiences are undermined. If this happens, they’re more likely to stop reporting the bullying and try to keep it to themselves. Without help, bullying can lead to depression or periods of inexplicable anger.

If this anger results in violence, studies show that Black children will be reprimanded more severely than other ethnicities. The consequences can result in black marks on their records which affect the course of their schooling. 

Whether or not they’re being bullied for being Black, research suggests that bullying can have lifelong consequences. Children who have been bullied are more likely to have episodes of anxiety and depression. Bullying can also affect how well they enjoy school activities or learn what’s being taught. 

Furthermore, children who are bullied can grow into adults who have poor self-esteem and have mood disorders their whole lives. Given that Black people are already more prone to race-related trauma, it’s clear that bullying at an early age sets them up for a poor shot at healthy adulthood.

Interestingly, bullying doesn’t only affect the child being bullied. Bystanders often experience anxiety and depression from witnessing the troubling acts. They may also suffer from a burdening guilt from not intervening in or reporting the bullying. 

The anti-bullying gang’s mission to stand up for children who are being bullied is an excellent one. There’s no doubt that they have made a positive impact in the lives of those they’ve helped and others who have seen what they do. Truthfully, many other children like Tayden need someone to do the same because of how bullying affects Black children, in particular. If you’d like to help, it’s a good idea to look into ways to volunteer at your local school, church, or community center.

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