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Home Remedies for Menopause Relief

home remedies for menopause

Just as in many other common health disorders, Black women may be more prone to symptoms associated with menopause. According to research, women of African descent tend to experience hot flashes, dizziness, poor coordination, urine leakage, and vaginal dryness more often than non-Black women. Black women report more menopausal symptoms (particularly hot flashes) with age than white women, who report fewer symptoms as they get older.

 After a hysterectomy, a Black woman is more likely to experience hot flashes than a white woman, regardless of weight or hormonal replacement therapy usage.

The psychological symptoms—like mood changes—and somatic symptoms—such as weight gain and breast tenderness–are not racially influenced.

Regardless of your race, poor physical health increases the rate of somatic symptoms.

Depression During Menopause: How to Spot It and Treat It

Why Many Home Remedies for Menopause Are Ineffective

Many natural menopause supplements do not work; here are some reasons why:

The natural and herbal preparations: There are different types of herbal preparations, some are comprised of extracts (such as essential oils and tinctures) others are made into powders (like capsules).

Extracts are much more concentrated and tend to be more effective than powders. Manufacturers make powdered natural remedies because they are cheaper to produce. 

The product lacks evidence from clinical studies: The product may have a much lower dosage or concentration level than the

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