How Did Zendaya Train For Challengers?

Zendaya’s new film focusing on the sport of tennis. Daya has always been a very trim young woman; therefore, getting into “shape” has never been an issue. Nevertheless, being and looking slender is one thing; however, it is quite another to be able to convince an audience of moviegoers that you truly are athletic and an elite tennis player. Therefore, many have been wondering, how did Zendaya train for Challengers?

Well, for one thing, she was willing to meet the challenge. Sorry… we live and die by the pun. Nonetheless, first thing she got really into was learning the game of tennis.

Zendaya studied hard in order to understand the rules and essence behind tennis. Her character, Tashi, is a former tennis prodigy; therefore, it would make sense that she knows the ends and outs of the sport. Plus, Zendaya is also a tennis coach. Thus, upping the need to be “expert” level.

Then, of course, there’s plenty of fitness involved. If you have ever watched a tennis match you hear and see grunting, screaming, panting, feeling sprinting and heavy breathing. It’s clear, one has to be in shape to play tennis.

How Did Zendaya Train For Challengers?

So was this just “movie magic?” Nope. Zendaya got to work about three months prior to shooting. Pop Sugar reports:

“Three months out from filming, the actor started training with tennis pro Brad Gilbert. Gilbert’s name will ring a bell if you’re a tennis fan, as he was once ranked the top fourth player in the world, before he transitioned into coaching, working with the likes of Andre Agassi, Andy Murray, and Coco Gauff.

When it came time to shift from observation to drills, Zendaya clocked 12-hour days: completing tennis sessions in the morning, going directly to a two-hour gym workout, then acting during the afternoon, says Gilbert. “I felt like [Zendaya and her co-stars] had a lot of grinding,” he says. “It’s like what a tennis player has to do to get ready. He’s got six weeks in the off season, you’ve got to grind to get ready for Australia.”

12 hours?! With two hour gym workout?! Yes, it’s clear Zendaya takes her craft seriously. And was determined show that her character was truly great at the game.

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