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How to Protect Your Bald Head in the Summer

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The Black community comes with a plethora of different myths that get taken to the grave with full belief. You have probably heard them all. “Black people can’t get lice”, or “Black people can’t get sunburn.

Many of these myths are myths not only because they haven’t been researched, but also because they have been proven wrong. Some of these myths can leave you in a world of trouble if they are ignored.

For years, many Black people truly believed that they didn’t need sunscreen and that they wouldn’t get sunburnt.

While these things are extremely false, there are still some light precautions you can take to make sure that you take care of your skin while sitting in the sun. Protecting your skin goes beyond your face, arms or back.

Any part of your skin that can be exposed to the sun is subject to being sunburnt. Your skin, literally from head to toe, can be a victim of too much sun. The scalp can be very sensitive for those who are thinning or completely bald on top of their head. The top of your head is the first place the sun will hit with all of its rays.

Someone spending a lot of time outdoors in the middle of the day without a hat will get hit with the sun’s peak ultraviolet radiation. 

Just like the many other routines, people develop to take care of their body, protecting your scalp from the sun requires the same effort.

How to Protect Yourself

Try a scalp massage

Some people say that rubbing a bald head brings good luck. That may or may not be true, but what we do know is that stimulating your scalp promotes good blood flow and encourages healthy hair growth.

Here’s how to do it: Starting with all 10 fingertips on your head, apply gentle pressure and move your fingers around your scalp, working from your forehead to the crown of your head and down to your neck. It’s easy to do on your own — or you could try convincing a loved one that rubbing your bald head will bring them good fortune.

Stock up on shampoo and conditioner

Those tiny hairs on your head may be hard to see, but they still need some love! Oils and dirt can build up on a bald scalp, so be sure to use a dab of shampoo when you shower and follow up with a moisturizing conditioner to keep that head flake-free. And while soap or body wash may seem like an easy option, they can have a drying effect. It’s best to stick with products made for hair.

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Sunscreen (What Kind?)

One of the best ways to protect your skin in the summertime is to, of course, put sunscreen on. But then the question becomes

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