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Keke Palmer’s Post About Men Who Hate Black Women But Still Date Them Hits Home for Many

After grousing to her followers about the challenges she faced from being in a toxic relationship and navigating a contentious custody battle with her son’s father, Darius Jackson, Keke Palmer took to social media to reflect on what she calls the paradox of some men who date Black women while harboring a deep-seated hate toward them.

Fans say Keke Palmer's 'genes' didn't try after she shares new photo with her child.
Fans say Keke Palmer’s ‘genes’ didn’t try after she shares new photo with her child. (L) Keke Palmer and baby Leo (Pictured: @kekepalmer/Twitter) (R) Darius Jackson (Pictured: @dvulton/Instagram)

This introspective post comes months after Jackson’s public shaming, who criticized her on social media for her attire and dancing at Usher Raymond’s Las Vegas residency.

The post was titled, “How can I hate black women when I date them?” and paired with a childhood photo of Palmer.

“Very easily actually, so glad you asked the question! It’s very easy to date someone you don’t respect when you are looking for ways to feel better about yourself,” she wrote.

She continued, “Even if you are less successful than said woman, there is still a history of propaganda that tells you, you will always be better than she is.”

Palmer believes this is rooted in “racial oppression and gender oppression.”

One of the points the 30-year-old lifted was that some men will date Black women thinking they “have created a win win scenario,” but in actuality create what seems to be competition between partners, particularly when the woman makes more money than the man.

Once she identified what she believed was the issue, she offered words of personal and corporate affirmation.

“But the gag is, you can’t break a spirit that’s already been broken OPEN. When you experience oppression, at least from where I’m standing, there isn’t anything that can take you down,” she wrote.

According to Palmer’s post, women should “keep winning” and/ or create what she believes is “the only reality there ever was,” which is Black women are winning.

Her passionate remarks were punctuated by sharing, “Just know they hate you because you aren’t who the world told them you’d be.”

The words have also received positive reactions from sisters on social media. Over 321,350 people liked Palmer’s post, and the comments poured in also by the thousands.

“I hate that we can all relate to this,” one person wrote. Others focused their comments on how much drama the “Akeelah and the Bee” star that they watched grow up before their eyes have been through.

“’You can’t break a spirit that’s already been broke open’ girl that’s the sermon. When they wonder how we persevere, how we keep rising, this is the answer!!!! Built different!” another comment said.

One person partially joked, “This needs to be a TED Talk or something. You hit all the points.”

Over 321,350 people liked Palmer’s post, and the comments poured in also by the thousands.

Palmer has been fighting against her son Leodis “Leo” Adrellton Jackson’s father for custody. The two dated from June 2021 and recently broke up in the later of 2023, later accusing Jackson of physical and emotional abuse as documented in footage taken from her home.

With fortitude, she was able to obtain temporary sole custody of the 11-month-old son in November 2023. She was also granted a temporary restraining order against Jackson.

A month later, Jackson alleged that he was actually being abused by the celebrity multi-hyphenate. These claims were not been answered until Palmer’s Instagram post this week, which Essence magazine called “a love letter to Black women.”

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