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With the spectacular rise of the cannabis market in North America, in recent years numerous seed banks have emerged that offer unique and high-quality varieties, most of them based on USA genetics, developed in the United States. Among all of them, LIT Farms (Lost in Translation Farms) stands out, a seed bank that, in addition to several cups at prestigious events, has gained recognition for its innovative approach and commitment to excellence in cannabis breeding.

In today’s article, we invite you to learn more about the history of LIT Farms, its most notable varieties, and how they have contributed to the landscape of cannabis cultivation first in the United States and now in Europe and the rest of the world.

Lit farms logo

LIT Farms, raising the best of the best

LIT Farms is a company led by Ray Schiavone, who is also the CEO and owner of Tahoe Hydroponics. Mr. Schiavone’s main objective with this seed bank was to connect with the average cannabis consumer and provide all users with a unique and unrepeatable experience. Inspired by California’s long cannabis tradition, LIT Farms works with some of the best strains in the Americas to offer its customers the best of the best.

However, Lost In Translation Farms is just the latest of the many creations of Mr. Shiavone, who launched his first brand in Nevada under the name Tahoe Hydroponics, a cannabis cultivation company that shook the cannabis scene in 2016 when it obtained first place in the Jack Herer Cup in the categories of best hybrid, indica, and sativa.

Shortly after, the company expanded its activity to California, quickly becoming one of the most popular brands in this State. Later in 2022, LIT partnered with Ayr Wellness, one of the largest publicly traded cannabis companies in the US, making LIT Farms genetic lines available in Massachusetts dispensaries.

Today, LIT Farms boasts a massive three-story cultivation facility, applying state-of-the-art technologies and equipment designed to grow the largest, tastiest, and most potent strains in its collection. These plants are then processed and transformed into delicious edibles, vape cartridges, concentrates and resin extractions, and of course, the highest quality flowers you can find.

Each of their strains has been carefully selected through years of intensive research, research for phenotypes, and development of new hybrids, with the goal of not only providing consumers with high levels of THC but also flavor profiles rich in terpenes that will make your taste buds vibrate.

LIT Farms varieties, excellence as a goal

Below we present some of the best LIT Farms genetics that you can find in our online store, all of them in the form of feminized seeds and in packages of 5, 6, and 10 seeds. As you can see, the combinations they offer are really attractive, with some of the best varieties that can be found crossed with each other to go one step further in terms of genetic improvement. The results are spectacular, you can be sure!

Road Head by LIT Farms, resin glands like you’ve rarely seen

Without a doubt, two of the genetics that have been talked about the most in recent years are Sundae Driver and Zoap, the two parents used for the development of Road Head from LIT Farms. It is a fairly balanced hybrid that at first glance surprises with its impressive resin production, being one of those varieties that you cannot miss if you are a lover of resin extractions such as hashish, Rosin, or BHO. In addition, its flower production is high and its cultivation is simple, without special needs, which makes it perfect for many beginner growers.

Flowering is fast, as it can be harvested in about 8-9 weeks after the change of photoperiod in indoor cultivation. But where this plant really draws attention is its organoleptic properties, with a range of aromas that fuse creamy, red fruit and tropical notes in a combination that is as spectacular as it is tasty. Although its effect is powerful and relaxing in nature, it is a strain that users with greater tolerance to THC will be able to use without too many problems in their daily lives, although consumers with little experience may prefer to reserve it for times when most daily tasks have been resolved. A true bomb of trichomes and terpenes that you can now enjoy in your crop!

 The amount of trichomes produced by Road Head is truly astonishing
The amount of trichomes produced by Road Head is truly astonishing

LIT OG F2 by LIT Farms, a masterwork based on OG

If we start talking about genetic lines that have ended up becoming legends on their own merits, the OG Kush family would be among one of the most popular and appreciated. Responsible for the creation of hundreds of hybrids, OG Kush genetics has become one of the great pillars of cannabis breeding over the years, offering characteristic traits such as its delicious flavor, intense aroma, and powerful effect, as well as producing top-notch resin concentrates. Thus, LIT Farms pays tribute to this genetics with LIT OG F2, a cross between two selections from its particular work with OG, the LIT OG, a hybrid that presents the best characteristics of this genetic line created from the mythical Tahoe OG and Runtz, one of the most popular genetics in recent times.

Runtz, born under a lucky star

Since its official launching at the end of 2017, Runtz genetics hasn’t stopped receiving awards and praise due to its quality and, why not say it?, a great marketing campaign. Today we are going to see in detail this unique plant, and show you some of the options available in case you want to try it. You won’t regret it!

It is usually harvested after about 8-9 weeks of flowering, when you will see how its dense buds swell and become completely covered by large trichomes, giving the plants a very particular appearance. As for the aroma and flavor, at LIT Farms they have managed to mix sugary, sweet, and fruity nuances in an OG background, a real party for your palate that is also accompanied by a powerful almost instantaneous effect, which although it can produce a certain euphoriaat first, it soon becomes a pleasant and relaxing experience, ideal for activities that require little physical activity. A true example of how spectacular results can be when working with good OG strains!

 The flowers of LIT OG F2 have a very characteristic appearance, with violet colors that are saturated by the brilliant white of the thick layer of trichomes that covers them
The flowers of LIT OG F2 have a very characteristic appearance, with violet colors that are saturated by the brilliant white of the thick layer of trichomes that covers them

Rainbow Marker by LIT Farms, top-of-the-line genetics

Two of the most successful strains of recent times have been Permanent Marker (Seed Junky) and RS11 (also known as Rainbow Sherbert #11). Well, the guys at LIT Farms got to work creating a hybrid that managed to fuse the best of both parents, plants that are true champions on their own. The result did not disappoint, and Rainbow Marker from LIT Farms soon became one of the most demanded and awarded varieties by its growers and consumers.

One of the most outstanding features of this genetics is undoubtedly its flavor, a complex and unique mixture of floral, gas, soap, and caramel notes…a combination that is hardly comparable to anything else you have tried and that has already captivated hundreds of growers. As is the trademark of LIT Farms, the production of glandular trichomes is also spectacular, making it a very good candidate for extractions such as hashish or Rosin. As always, we recommend using fresh flowers so that your concentrates have the best possible flavor and aroma, especially with this variety the difference is very noticeable. Finally, Rainbow Marker is especially suitable for those looking for genetics with a happy, motivating, and creative effect, although don’t be fooled…it doesn’t make it any less powerful than others!

 The bag appeal of Ranbow Marker flowers is beyond doubt
The bag appeal of Rainbow Marker flowers is beyond doubt

Milk Bath from LIT Farms, unique flavor and high THC content

If we talk to you about varieties like Zereal and Bubble Bath, the two parents of Milk Bath from LIT Farms, you may not know their main characteristics in detail, although we do tell you that within their genetic pool, there are plants such as Zkittlez, Cereal Milk, The Soap or Project 4516 you may already be starting to get an idea of the impressive lineage this strain presents. Milk Bath presents truly unique features, such as its complex flavor and aroma or its intense effect, balanced but powerful and very effective when it comes to improving mood and eliminating depressive states.

Regarding the organoleptic qualities of this genetics, we must highlight the complexity achieved by mixing acidic and earthy notes with nuances of pine and fruits, resulting in a truly pleasant experience, where it seems to be possible to discover a new nuance with each puff. As you can see in the image, its appearance is very attractive, with intense dark purple leaves and flowers completely bathed in bright trichomes, which, as in the previous case, give rise to resin extractions with a range of flavors that will captivate you. One of the varieties that you should try if you are interested in new flavors and experiences!

 Milk Bath looks really attractive, and its taste and aroma are something out of the ordinary
Milk Bath looks really attractive, and its taste and aroma are something out of the ordinary

With this look at LIT Farms ‘ history and commitment to excellence in cannabis cultivation and the development of new hybrids of the highest quality, it is clear that this seed bank is at the forefront of the industry. From humble beginnings to becoming a leading force in the market, their dedication to quality and innovation is undeniable, and it is something that translates into each and every one of their jobs. There is no doubt that we will continue to see great things from this outstanding brand in the future.

Happy harvest!

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