McLaren Data Tracker on Minima Blockchain Could Prevent Race Cheating

June 12: Minima, describing itself as the only blockchain lightweight enough to run entirely on mobile and device chips, says it’s working with Influx Technology to integrate a data tracker into a McLaren GT4 – a capability that could improve racing performance as well as prevent cheating. According to a press release: “Data points on over 20 parameters including vehicle ignition timing, braking, oil pressure, engine temperature, steering angle and rotation, as well as gear switching, are collected by the ‘DePIN Data Logger’ in real time…. Minima’s innovative blockchain design secures the hash of the data, proving its history and integrity, while the actual data is stored on the device or in cloud storage, independent of validators’ permissions. Due to the low requirements to validate the data on the blockchain, any IoT device can operate a full node and collect its data. This allows data to be verified by other nodes on the network while being stored on the device itself.”

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