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PAX Labs is an American company that set out to revolutionize the portable vaporizer market, seeking to offer quality, aesthetically attractive products, with premium materials and finishes, and using state-of-the-art technology to offer optimum performance without complications.

Today we want to introduce you to two new vaporizers from this prestigious brand, the PAX Mini and the PAX Plus, which, as you will see, present interesting novelties, maintaining the high quality of PAX Labs devices and ensuring a unique vaping experience.

PAX Labs was born in 2007 in San Francisco, California, with the aim of creating high-end vaporizers for the most demanding customer

PAX Labs, high-end vaporizers

In 2012 they launched their first device, the original PAX, a conduction vaporizer with a compact, ergonomic design, with a body with a metallic finish, and which used a temperature selection system indicated by colored LEDs, by means of a hidden button underneath of the mouthpiece, which was retractable.

At the time, existing portable vaporizers were relatively rudimentary, made of plastic or bulky and angular in appearance, so the introduction of this device and its innovative design represented a breath of fresh air for the vaping scene, boosting it and making it a little more visible.

Back in 2015 they released the new PAX 2 vaporizer, a redesign of the original that changed the retractable mouthpiece for a silicone model with two available formats, flat or peaked. It also doubled the autonomy of the battery with respect to the original model, and introduced improvements in operation such as the haptic warning and the standby system, with which it managed to save on its consumption by lowering the temperature of the bowl by detecting that the vaporizer was stationary for more than 20 seconds, using gyroscopes.

Temperatures for Vaporising Cannabis

Vaporizing cannabis is an increasingly common practice among consumers, especially in the case of medicinal users. However, and especially in case of looking for a specific therapeutic effect, it will be necessary to know what compounds we are vaporizing at a certain temperature. In this article we show you the boiling points of the main cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and toxins so that your vaping sessions are as effective as they are tasty.

In 2016 they released another redesign, the PAX 3, the first in the family with the capacity to vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates such as Rosin, BHO, or similar, thanks to the specific bowl for them.

It also stood out for including the lid for the bowl with a stop for half a load, which allows the user to fill the bowl to half capacity, optimizing steam production. Another strong point to highlight was its rapid heating, as it was ready in just 15-20 seconds, thus minimizing the waiting time for the user.

Finally, it also offered a Bluetooth connection with the phone or tablet, allowing you to connect it to an app with which to adjust the temperature, the color of the indicator blades, and many other features.

Due to all these additions and improvements, the PAX 3 consolidated itself as a High-End vaporizer on the market, the equivalent of vaporizers to the iPhone, surviving as the flagship of the brand to this day.

But apparently, PAX Labs, in their effort to bring out the definitive vaporizer, have decided to give the device one more twist (two, actually), and introduce two new vaporizers to the market (7 years after the release of PAX 3): the PAX Mini and the PAX Plus.

The pax plus incorporates various nozzles, caps and accessories for concentrates
The pax plus incorporates various nozzles, caps, and accessories for concentrates

PAX Mini: the perfect PAX

The new PAX Mini is made of anodized aluminum for the body, stainless steel for the bowl, grills, and ducts, and food-grade plastic for the mouthpieces. This combination of materials makes it a durable, safe, and efficient device, capable of generating quality vapor without strange aftertastes while making it resistant to the passage of time, as well as elegant.

Its dimensions are 3.1 × 2.2 × 9.3 cm with a weight of only 89 grams, making it super comfortable to carry with you, in your pocket or bag, always ready to vape your flowers wherever you go, alone or with friends.

The new PAX Mini retains the elegance of the PAX 3 and its high-quality vaporization
The new PAX Mini retains the elegance of the PAX 3 and its high-quality vaporization

Its bowl has a capacity for 0.25g of well-ground dry marijuana, ideal for a normal vaporization session and allowing us to finish the weed in one sitting, avoiding having to reheat it in a second batch and eliminating the classic toasted, “popcorn” flavor from the equation.

Its battery is 3000mAh, offering a range of around 10 sessions (+2h of operation), taking approximately 2.5h to recharge using the USB dock included in the kit.

It heats up in approximately 22 seconds and has a single temperature setting, designed to find the balance between preserving aromas and efficient extraction of essential oils and cannabinoids. In other words, it offers more for less, making the quality vaporization experience as simple as possible.

As this PAX Mini demonstrates, elegance has always been a hallmark of PAX vaporizers.
As this PAX Mini demonstrates, elegance has always been a hallmark of PAX vaporizers.

PAX Plus: the PAX for connoisseurs

On the other hand, the PAX Plus is a super-vitaminized version of the PAX Mini, which improves a few things on it and even on the PAX 3. Its dimensions are 3.1 × 2.2 × 9.8 cm, and it weighs 91g, being slightly taller than the PAX Mini (by a few millimeters).

The bowl also grows, going from 0.25g of the Mini to 0.5g, being ideal for lovers of strong sensations, for long sessions or to share the vaporizer with friends, being sure that you will not fall short or have to refill the bowl too often.

It has a 3300mAh capacity battery, enough to give it an autonomy of approximately +2h, recharging in 2-3h through the included USB dock. Like the mini, it also heats up in about 20 seconds, and it has a standby system: when you leave it on the table, it detects that you are not using it and lowers the temperature of the bowl to save battery life and not overheat the weed.

The PAX Plus kit includes everything necessary for proper operation, cleaning and maintenance
The PAX Plus kit includes everything necessary for proper operation, cleaning, and maintenance

The PAX Plus has 4 modes of use available:

  • Stealth mode: dims the LEDs and makes the vapor super light
  • Efficiency mode: makes the most of the extraction of cannabinoids and essences from the weed
  • Flavor mode: offers the most flavorful vaporization possible, maximizing organoleptic sensations
  • Boost mode: high temperature, ideal for vaporizing extractions with the bowl for BHO and Rosin

PAX Labs offers a 10-year warranty for the PAX Plus and a 2-year warranty for the PAX Mini. You can now find them in our store, we are already enjoying them!

Good vapors!

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