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Pharmacist Quits Her Job, Becomes the First Black Woman to Own a Brewery in Minnesota

Brittney Mikell

Brittney Mikell, a former pharmacist, is on a mission to make history in Minnesota as the first Black woman to own a brewery in the state. With a passion for brewing and a vision for inclusivity, she’s set to open Bubble Line Brewing Company in Saint Paul’s Rondo neighborhood.In a state with over 200 breweries, only a few are owned by women or people of color. But none have been owned by a Black woman until now.

Driven by her dreams, Mikell made a bold move. Feeling burnt out from her pharmacy job, she turned to her love for brewing. Climbing the ranks to become an assistant brewer at La Dona Cerveceria in Minneapolis was just the beginning. Now, she aims higher — to establish her brewery and break barriers.

“The brewing industry isn’t very diverse in our state and in general, as it stands,” Mikell told WDBJ7.

Mikell founded Bubble Line Brewing Company, set to open early next year in Saint Paul’s Rondo neighborhood, a historically Black area. She wanted to create a cozy oasis with plants and flowers, offering a retreat during chilly Minnesota winters.

Among the brews on offer will be her signature honey crisp apple blonde ale, alongside non-alcoholic options like lemonades and lattes. Mikell also plans to use her brewery as a hub for teaching home brewing, aiming to diversify the craft beer scene.

Her initiative has already garnered support, with an initial crowdfunding campaign raising over $20,000 in under a week. She plans to launch another crowdfunding, with Mikell aiming to secure $500,000 to kickstart her business.

Learn more about the business via its official website at

Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram @BubbleLineBrewing

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