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Post Chemo Symptoms No One Tells You About

post chemo symptoms

Your body has a tendency to overreact to practically any natural stimulus because of poor inflammatory responses. Because your immune system is compromised a lot of the time, your body has a tendency to overreact to even minimal triggers. For instance, following chemotherapy, you could attempt to consume foods that include white sugar and wheat. You might also try to avoid foods that contain dairy. It’s possible that this may cause your feet to swell. Therefore, you are aware that you either need to gradually work up to it by doing it in little doses or that it is something you should steer clear of for the time being.

How Can You Handle Flares?

The discontinuation of chemotherapy treatment nearly always results in an inflammatory flare. That is the norm. Anything will definitely come to a head, even if it isn’t something awful. Get prepared by giving your immune system a boost. Body support includes:

  • Frankincense oil, which is an essential oil that encourages the body to have a beneficial inflammatory response.
  • Maintain a detoxification schedule.
  • Providing the body with the nutrients it needs from meals that assist in the recovery of the gut lining, which in turn reduces inflammation and activates the immune system.

The Waiting Game

After chemo, you may think after you have completed treatment and gotten clean scans, you won’t have to deal with the doctor’s office anymore. You could perform the healing you need and be “done” with cancer. Not quite. The scans have to continuously happen over time, the scans are scheduled further apart but you have to be monitored and always waiting for the findings.

It would help if you reminded yourself that you have already completed therapy; this is only to ensure that you do not need to return to treatment in the future.

Although it may be tiring to attempt to have a good attitude each time you have to go back, it is important that you do so. Therefore, you must keep pushing fear and wondering what may happen in your mind.

If you don’t, it will drive you completely insane. There will be things you have to manage, like post-chemo fatigue, but again, try to see the positive of the situation. 

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Continuous Uphill Battle

Some individuals believe that the concept that you can “fight” cancer is a dangerous fiction. Others disagree.

To tell you the truth, the war never really ends, but you may keep fighting as long as you use all of your weapons.

Continue to restore your body so that it can fight for you rather than against you. Here are things to consider:

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